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December 2013

Check out the December 2013 issue of The National Provisioner, with features on packaging technology, food safety, and much more!

2014 Economic Outlook

2014 CapEx Study

Processors report an improving landscape for capital expenditures in the meat and poultry industry in 2014.
In conjunction with The National Provisioner’s 2014 Economic Outlook, we thought it wise to get a read on processor’s capital-expenditures trends this year and spending plans for the coming year as a leading indicator on the industry’s health, and to offer a benchmark for your company’s plans.
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2014 Economic Outlook: The sun also rises?

After years of fighting an uphill battle, the protein industry soldiers on and may be looking forward to low feed costs, increased demand and more exports in 2014.
The trouble with making predictions for an agriculture-based industry is that uncontrollable factors have a funny way of intruding.
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Q&A with Hillshire Brands: big breakfast breakthrough

Research presented at The Obesity Society’s annual meeting shows choosing protein-based breakfast meals can help consumers curb appetite — even at realistically attainable serving sizes.
Andy Hanacek, editor-in-chief of The National Provisioner, visited Hillshire Brands’ Chicago headquarters in November 2013 to speak with Jeff George, senior vice president of Research & Development, as well as Susan Zaripheh, Ph.D., director of Nutrition Research & Innovation, about a new study from Biofortis Clinical Research and the University of Missouri’s Department of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition (see the release on page 40).
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Farm to Plate

Animal handling: 2013’s teachable moments

A review of enforcement actions from the past year reveals the value of a systematic approach to animal welfare.
Fifty-six copies of enforcement letters have been posted to the FSIS Humane Handling Web site in 2013. A review of these letters underscores the importance of a systematic approach to animal welfare and helps identify common issues to resolve.
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Fight for Food Safety

Listeria isn’t leaving (unfortunately)

I spent some time in my last two columns dissecting recent trends involving recalls for E. coli O157:H7 and allergens.
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Regulations & Legislation

Getting right with ‘prereqs’

For “prerequisite programs”, there seems to be no single definition that covers all of them.
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Work continues on antimicrobial solutions

Antimicrobial solutions are used to reduce contaminants on raw foods such as meats, vegetables and fruits.
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Technology advances the cooking process

Oven, fryer and smokehouse equipment suppliers continually are improving the design to minimize the gap between what processors want their cooking equipment to do and what the machines are capable of doing.
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Chub packaging gains further acceptance

Based on the ability of the chub package to handle a variety of challenges, many consumers and processors have gotten “on board” with its use in the marketplace.
Despite having its detractors, some of whom reside within the confines of the very companies that produce it, chub packaging continues to prosper, according to one long-time packaging insider.
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Protein Problem Solver: Fulfilling a pledge to optimize efficiency

Wenneman Meat Co. installs growth-oriented processing solutions after losing plant to devastating 2011 fire.
Wenneman Meat Co. overcame a devastating plant fire in 2011 that forced them to completely rebuild their facility.
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Process controls: Software that drives hardware

Famous 19th-century author George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
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Meat Science Review

Aging time vs. retail consumer perception

The effect of extended postmortem aging periods on the shelf-life and eating qualities of beef intended for retail sale.
Even though postmortem aging has been widely accepted as the predominant technique for improving the tenderness and overall eating experience of beef, retailers are hesitant to age beef for extended time periods prior to placing it in the retail case because product “freshness” is reduced and a shorter display life may be realized.
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Brenneman analyzes Butterball’s new animal care, well-being program

Rod Brenneman, CEO of Butterball, discusses his company's new Animal Care and Well-Being Program, his company's certification by the American Humane Association and further animal-handling initiatives, all officially announced in September 2013.

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