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March 2014

Check out the March 2014 issue of the The National Provisioner featuring the 2014 Bacon Report and much more!

‘Back to the Future’ with Ruiz Foods

Ruiz Foods celebrates 50 years of success in 2014 and has taken a page from its history to rekindle the innovative spirit that had carried it in the past.
By Andy Hanacek
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When assessing the future, sometimes it makes sense to return to your roots — trace back your history to understand from whence you came, to see where you might go in the future. Sometimes
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The 2014 Bacon Report: Bacon goes ‘boutique’

With bacon’s popularity, there are plenty of processors thinking outside the box and creating unique bacon products that complement the standard, beloved pork belly.
By Sam Gazdziak
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Not all bacon is created equal. Sure, the consumer love affair with bacon shows no sign of relenting, so any bacon product that reaches the marketplace stands at least a decent chance of finding an audience.
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The 2014 Food Safety Report

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Our annual Food Safety Report returns, and it’s better than ever!
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Industry Profile | Daren Williams, NCBA

Bringing out the beef industry's stories

By Suzanne Strassburger, CEO of Strassburger Meats
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If you don’t know who Daren Williams is, you don’t know everything about the meat industry.
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Market Snapshot

Poultry market snapshot: Production, consumption push higher

By Richard Branch, ITR Economics
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ITR Economics' quarterly economic update, published exclusively in The National Provisioner, assesses the poultry industry this month.
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New ‘Cardinal’ rule

Cardinal Meat Specialists adopts new slogan of “You CAN with Cardinal,” as it adds to its already impressive portfolio.
By Sam Gazdziak
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Despite its standing as one of Canada’s top meat processors and one of the most technologically savvy processors in North America, Cardinal Meat Specialists has never rested on its laurels.
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Fight for Food Safety

Managing your next Food Safety Assessment

By Shawn K. Stevens
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Until a few years ago, there were still a number of federal meat establishments that had not yet experienced a comprehensive Food Safety Assessment (FSA).
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Regulations & Legislation

FSIS revised Lm directive

By Dennis R. Johnson
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On Jan. 10, 2014, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) released its updated Directive 10,240.4, Rev. 3, entitled: “Verification Activities for the Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) Regulation and the Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Sampling Program.”
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Processing Technology

Better tracking of yield loss

Deboning screening system could improve cutting and trimming operations in poultry plants.
By Angela Colar, Georgia Tech Research Institute
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Efficient deboning is paramount to optimizing production yield (maximizing the amount of meat removed from a chicken frame while reducing the presence of bones).
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Packaging Technology

Could robots revolutionize interleaving and stacking operations?

By Hallie Forcino, Contributing Writer
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As demand for ready-to-eat and pre-portioned foods grows, so does the need for interleaved and/or stacked protein patties, deli meats, sandwich kits and other products.
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Protein Problem Solver

Gas mixers/analyzers reduce MAP costs, labor

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Tulip Food Company is a leading Danish processed food producer.
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Poultry Perspectives

Taking an international view

By Charles Olentine
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Atlanta is known for its hospitality and its changeable weather.
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Details make the product in mixing operations

By Elizabeth Fuhrman
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Mixing quite possibly could be the place where more opportunities for mistakes can occur than any other spot in the pre-cooked process.
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Beef industry needs ALL types of sustainability

By Gregory Bloom, The Beef Pro
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This year’s 2014 International Livestock Congress annual meeting in Denver centered on the theme, “The Cattle Industry at a Crossroads? How do we adapt to change?”
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Food Safety

Employee apparel reduces risk from the threat within

Today’s employee apparel reduces the risk of workers contaminating food or being hurt in processing plants.
By Megan Pellegrini
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Which is the greater threat to food safety: the bacteria on the employee or the food itself? Employee
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