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April 2014

Check out the April 2014 issue of The National Provisioner, with features on animal welfare, sanitation programs, and much more!

Meat Science Review

Honoring the past, inspiring the future

AMSA celebrates its golden anniversary, while continuing to further the education of its members at this year’s conference in Madison, Wis.
On June 15, meat scientists from across the country will take over America's Dairyland in Madison, Wis., for the Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) and to celebrate AMSA's 50 years of success.
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Guest Commentary

Animal welfare is about much more than animals

There was a time in our culture when many consumers were more connected to food and agriculture.
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Business Strategies

Where will the meat and poultry industry be in 10 years?

By the year 2024 ... The thoughts of an industry veteran on where the industry is headed over the next 10 years.
Have you ever wondered what the food business will be like in 10 years? I certainly have, and I've been giving it some thought.
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A fluid battlefield: Creating an effective sanitation program

Creating an effective sanitation program involves constant reassessments of procedures, antimicrobials, pre- and post-chill methods, and equipment.
What’s more powerful for food safety: a sanitizer or effective sanitation procedures?
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Regulations & Legislation

Pathogen subtyping: methods and uses

Recently, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued a white paper titled: “Current and Future Development and Use of Molecular Subtyping by USDA-FSIS.”
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Fight for Food Safety

Embrace the three ‘Cs’ of food safety

The greatest challenge for the food industry over the past decade has been to continuously find new and better ways to make our food supply safer.
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Packaging Technology

Weighing in on production flow management

Weighing and labeling technology has become so much more than the name implies
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Farm to Plate

Look, but don’t touch: indicators of unconsciousness in stunned livestock

When it comes to electrically stunned animals, processors can observe a variety of indicators to determine unconsciousness but should avoid using the corneal reflex.
The corneal reflex has been one of the go-to indicators of unconsciousness in stunned livestock for decades.
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Ingredients and Formulation

Further developments in spices & seasonings

Recently, more spices and seasonings are making their way into meat and poultry products for their antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits
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Ingredients & Formulation

The ties that bind: Gluten-free gums

As gums and hydrocolloids become gluten free, the focus on product texture, moisture and taste increases.
How does meat become gluten-free exactly?
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Tech Showcase

Praxair Inc. announced the introduction of its newest tunnel freezing system, the Praxair ColdFront Cryo-Saver Tunnel Freezer.
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Protein Problem Solver

Shrimp processor improves package seal quality, significantly reduces leakers

Van Roey is one of Belgium’s major processors of high-quality shrimp.
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Protein Problem Solver

Conveying product while ensuring full sanitation, bacteria-free environment

Grobbel’s was founded in 1883 in Detroit by Emil Wilhelm Grobbel, a young immigrant who had recently come to America.
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Processing Technology

Proper training, prep result in “gold medal” slicing operations

Striving for the perfect slice, stack and portion in the meat and cheese industry can be quite the endeavor, as there are many variables in obtaining that perfect slice.
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Brenneman analyzes Butterball’s new animal care, well-being program

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