After 140 years in New York City and 60 years in the Rattner Family, Hansel ‘n Gretel Brand, Inc. announced today that it will be ceasing its operations. In a statement emailed to The National Provisioner, Hansel ‘n Gretel Brand said its "dedication to providing its customers Super Premium deli products at everyday prices rewarded us with some of the best and most loyal clients in the business."

The company release also offered the following timeline of the business, reprinted here:

Hansel ‘n Gretel Timeline

In 1872, the U.S. was rapidly entering the modern age. Yellowstone became the world’s first National Park, the U.S. Patent Office issued its 1st Patent List, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened, and Hansel ‘n Gretel Brand, Inc., formerly Henry Kast Inc., opened its doors in New York City.
From the beginning, Hansel ‘n Gretel was always respected for top-quality deli products. The finest New York City hotels and restaurants, such as the Plaza, the Waldorf-Astoria, Luchows and Lindy's purchased Hansel ‘n Gretel deli meats for their customers.
In 1954, Hansel ‘n Gretel was purchased by two WWII Veterans, Milton Rattner and Jerry Wein. Their vision and marketing efforts helped to introduce service delis within supermarkets. These deli counters were staffed by highly trained meat experts, Deli Men, who filled their cases with large selections of premium deli meats from Hansel ‘n Gretel.
The Hansel ‘n Gretel brand, long equated with premium quality and superior taste, was now gaining a reputation for innovation. Deli meats, that are now deli counter staples, were born in our kitchens. These products were in such high demand that in 1970 Hansel ‘n Gretel moved from its small facility in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District to a much larger one in Queens, New York.
Jerry Wein moved on. Under Milton Rattner’s guidance, Hansel ‘n Gretel continued growing and innovating. In the 1980’s, Hansel ‘n Gretel launched the 1st Healthy Deli® line. These delicious 97%-100% fat free meats have all the flavor customers crave, and are lower in salt as well. The Healthy Deli® line quickly became a customer favorite. Milton Rattner stayed at the helm of Hansel ‘n Gretel until his retirement at the age of 93.
Our closure represents the end of an era. Deli was born in New York City. Hansel ‘n Gretel Brand, Inc. was the last deli manufacturer remaining in the city producing a full line of deli meats. The closing of our plant closes out a chapter in the grand story of Deli and New York City.

Source: Hansel ‘n Gretel Brand, Inc.