Gilbert & Bernard has been named as a finalist for a national charcuterie award for its Bistro-Style Mousse with Cognac, which is one of the newest items in the brand’s line of pâté.

Scott Bridi, founder of award-winning charcuterie producer Brooklyn Cured, teamed up with his wife, Hannah Bae, to launch Gilbert & Bernard Pâté and Specialty Foods in 2021, and this is the second product in the line that’s achieved a national charcuterie award acknowledgement. Gilbert & Bernard’s Wild Mushroom Pâté won a Good Food Award in 2022.

Hannah and Scott developed the recipe for Gilbert & Bernard's pork-free Bistro-Style Mousse after traveling to Paris and getting inspired by their meals in Parisian bistros. The Good Food Foundation announced its annual Good Food Awards Finalists for food and beverage producers that meet their standards of good taste and sustainable sourcing.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the Good Food Foundation in the first [two consecutive] years that our pâté line has been on the market,” said Gilbert & Bernard co-founder Scott Bridi.

This is the sixth consecutive year that the Brooklyn Cured family of charcuterie brands has been recognized by the Good Food Awards, and the second for Gilbert & Bernard. “I’m incredibly proud of our new line of pâté and the joy it’s bringing to people across the country,” said Gilbert & Bernard co-founder Hannah Bae. “Inspired by our family’s travels, Scott and I want our flavors to be fresh and bold [...] while still having a nostalgic charm that all charcuterie and pâté lovers can appreciate.”

Source: Gilbert & Bernard