Harvest Provisions Smokehouse Turkey Breast
Company: Willow Brook Foods, Springfield, MO
Varieties: Hickory Smoked, Smoked Peppered
Distribution: National
Profile: Designed for deli and foodservice applications, the Harvest Provisions Smokehouse hickory-smoked turkey breast and Smokehouse smoked peppered turkey breast products are low in fat and carbohydrates and naturally high in protein. Both are made from premium whole-muscle turkey breast and smoked with real hickory chips for authentic taste and aroma. Attractive packaging, a netted-style appearance, and a rich color give the fully cooked, ready-to-slice-and-serve products a premium look.
Nutrition Wise Fresh Pork
Company: Farmland Foods Inc., Kansas City, MO
Varieties: Pork Cubes, Strips, Chops, Loin Roasts, Tenderloin
Suggested retail price: $3.99 for 1-lb. cubes and strips; $5.99 to $7.99 for 2-lb. packages of other products
Distribution: National
Profile: Case-ready and net-weight scannable, the NUTRITION Wise line of fresh, lean pork products allows retailers to track sales and fill the meat case with customer-preferred selections. Products are made to order and have a 32-day shelf life from the date of production. The heart-healthy products carry the American Heart Association’s certification. They are enhanced for tenderness and ­juiciness and feature a three-part peel-back label with a full-color photo of the prepared product, cooking tips, and recipes designed for healthy ­eating.