Automated Solutions

MAJA further-automated equipment and systems are designed to increase yield and food safety while reducing giveaway.
Germany-based MAJA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of derinding, membrane-skinning, and automatic flake-ice equipment, demonstrated its commitment to continuous improvement through further automation while displaying a wide range of new equipment and systems during the most recent IFFA show held in Frankfurt, Germany.
“We’re a very innovative and growing company,” says Joachim Schill, president of MAJA. “We won’t stay at one level of performance and say everything is ‘OK’ as is. We keep trying to incorporate more automation.”“Let’s face it,” adds Terry Albrecht, sales manager, meat machinery division, MAJA North America, Omaha, NE. “At present in America, everyone wants more automation — especially in a meat-packing plant. If packers have applications they feel could be done through further automation, they need to contact us.”
New products
MAJA introduced its new BXM 554/BXM 754 conveyorized derinding and skinning machines for medium- and large-sized plants at the show. Both machines are designed for derinding thicker and flat meat cuts. Meat to be derinded can be placed on the infeed conveyor in unsorted positions, thus, the BXM can be easily integrated in deboning lines as a standard version on either a floor-standing sub-frame or suspended.
Available in many options, main features include:
• MAJA infeed technology for excellent derinding results
• Plastic-link conveyor belt provides easier cleaning and less wear
• No removal of the blade holder for blade changing and cleaning
• Changing and adjustment of the blade through a quick-locking device
• Easy cleaning resulting in improved machine hygiene (underframe is sealed and closed from the bottom)
• Frame components of 3 to 10 millimeters of stainless steel provide value, integrity, and durability
“The BXM 554 will be a great machine in the United States for derinding,” Albrecht says. “What’s different about this model is you can randomly place products on it.”
The EVM 4006 Membrane Skinning Machine is also new. MAJA guarantees excellent yield in the skinning of a wide range of meat cuts including beef, pork, veal, horse, game, lamb, and poultry.
“The EVM 4006 features a different design from the EVM 3006,” Albrecht says. “It has more working area on the table, and there are no levers on the side of the machine. Tools are not needed to change a blade, which takes only fifteen seconds. It also features an air-bar cleaning system with eight nozzles sitting behind the tooth roller.”
Three machines in one
MAJA’s ESM 3550 is designed to derind pork hams.
“We can derind and defat at the same time with a double-blade system,” Albrecht says. “And we have three different trays that can be put on and taken off for different muscles — shoulder, picnic, and ham. When you buy this machine you’re getting three machines in one.”
The ESM 3550 Derinding Machine is ideal for manual derinding of round pieces of meat, he adds. The ESM 3550/1 can defat hams and shoulders during the same operation. The additional installation without tools of the twin-blade holder allows easy separation of the skin from fat from meat for increased yield.
Features include:
• The machine and working table are made of 3 mm stainless steel (no plastic); additional internal steel plates are not necessary for strengthening.
• Blade-holder does not need to be removed for changing or cleaning
• Quick-locking system allows easy blade adjustment
• Blade-holder can be adjusted on the right or left side of the machine (single operating lever)
• Ideal cutting width
• Special tooth-roller shape
• Different working tables available for each special application —easy changing without tools
• Reduced depth of machine
• Excellent safety and hygiene; quick and easy cleaning including lower parts of the machine (closed ground panel)
• Easy access for maintenance
Slicing dynamo
MAJA’s FP 100 is designed for exact size, exact weight-controlled slicing of boneless fresh meat.
Features include:
• Rotating spiral knife provides precise cuts and doesn’t generate waste particles on finished portions
• Consistent slice thickness and precise weight at high speeds
• The depth of the mold can be automatically adjusted during the slicing process without changing the slicing tools resulting in exact-weight portions
• Horizontal pressing before slicing results in no distortion of the meat product
• Only one trimming (unusable portion) per meat slice
“A robot can feed the machine automatically with a special device we have,” Schill says. “The FP 100 can make one-hundred and thirty exact-size, exact-weight cuts a minute regardless of slice thickness.”
Robots on display
MAJA ‘s automated system for producing meat shish kabob skewers using robotics was also on display. Robotic features include:
• Programmed steps are executed in a continuous, precise manner
• Less personnel is necessary, thus reducing labor costs
• Robots can run non-stop during several shifts and require little maintenance
• If production processes require modification, robotics can be adapted individually to meet the new requirements
• Risk of product contamination is reduced since human contact is reduced
The KUKA KR 15 on display was the only stainless steel robot on the floor, MAJA reports. And robots fit perfectly into servicing processor needs through further automation. Improving yields while decreasing giveaway are only two robotic benefits.
“Robots are always at work and take no breaks,” Schill points out.
“And they address ergonomic issues,” Albrecht adds. “If one person does the same job all day long twisting and bending, injuries may ultimately occur. Packers with applications they feel can be assisted by robotics should contact us. We can work with them to determine what we can do to service their particular needs.”
Last but not least, MAJA flake-ice technology is offered through compact machines like the Type SA with capacities between 80 and 6,000 kg, Type SV with capacities of 15,000 kg, as well as rotating evaporators Type RVE starting with 200 kg.
These machines are most suitable for meat and sausage producers, slaughterhouses, intestine and hide processing companies, poultry processors, as well as other industries. Accessories including ice chutes and ice storage silos are also available.
For more information, contact Terry Albrecht at (402) 827-6252, fax (402) 827-6258, e-mail, or visit