1.new Pre-cooked veal Products
Wasabi Veal Pot Roast (pre-cooked or fresh) is one example of many pre-cooked veal products that are available in a diverse range of flavors. Pre-cooked veal products allow for endless possibilities without compromising quality or flavor. For more information on pre-cooked veal products, call The Cattlemen’s Beef Board and The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association at (800) 368-3138 or visit its Web sites at www.veal.org and www.vealstore.com.
2.Steakhouse Beef Dip Sub debuts at Quiznos
In a partnership with the Beef Checkoff program, Quiznos Sub introduced a new Steakhouse Beef Dip Sub. The promotion began Sept. 6 and ran through Oct. 17 at participating Quizno Sub stores throughout the United States.
This partnership was initiated on behalf of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and state beef councils by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). NCBA serves as one of the Beef Board’s contractors for check-off funded programs.
During the promotion, the beef sub was touted nationally via radio, television spots, as well as newspaper coupons in free-standing inserts. The Beef Check logo appeared on all merchandising materials, newspaper freestanding inserts, and in the TV spots.
The Quiznos Steakhouse Beef Dip Sub featured tender roast beef smothered in rich French onion sauce and melted Swiss cheese, served on a toasted Quiznos roll with a side of beefy, pan-roasted au jus. During the promotion, the 6-inch sub sold for $2.99, and the 10-inch sub sold for $5.49. This product was also available on Low-Carb Toasty™ Flatbread.
Roast beef for this sub was taken from the round, a cut of beef previously not utilized for new product development, which checkoff dollars promote to increase the total value of beef products. It was expected that 880,000 pounds of round would be sold during the promotion, with 2 million pounds sold by year-end.
Quiznos showcases a variety of beef on its menu, including two new Craveable salads featuring beef — one with roast beef and the other with Black Angus Steak.
Before the promotion started, one Quiznos insider expressed his excitement with this unique partnership.
“We are extremely happy to be partnering with the Cattlemen’s Beef Board to promote our new Steakhouse Beef Dip Sub,” said Trey Hall, chief marketing officer at Quiznos Sub. “We want to help support the great beef produced across the United States by America’s cattle farmers and ranchers. We are expecting a very successful promotion for the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and Quiznos. We’re looking forward to strong sales of this bold, beefy sub.”
Quizno’s Corp. franchises and operates quick-service, Italian-style sub sandwich shops. There are approximately 3,500 Quiznos restaurants worldwide in 15 countries. For the record…a new Quiznos opens, on average, every eight hours somewhere in the world.
3.Carando Snack Sticks offer quality, variety
When it comes to savory snacking options, Carando® Snack Sticks provide both the flavor and versatility consumers want, the company relays. Carando pepperoni, salami, and beef snack sticks, can be found ready-to-eat with a shipper display for effective merchandising throughout the store.
The Carando pepperoni snack stick is made with crushed red pepper and paprika, a combination that creates a delicate balance of heat and zest. For a different flavor profile that meets individual customer demographics, the salami or beef snacking option will do the trick. Each snack-stick variety comes packaged with 16 6-ounce snack-packs in a 6-pound box.  
The dry-cured Carando snack sticks require no in-store refrigeration and offer easy inventory control with UPC codes on each variety for line pricing. The modified-atmosphere packaging extends product shelf life and ensures product quality, the company relays. The packages also carry a use- or freeze-by date to assure freshness for both the consumer and the retailer.
Springfield, MA-based Carando is a division of Kansas City, MO-based Farmland Foods Inc.