Microbial Tracking

The Riboprinter® Data Merging Workstation is a new Option Available From Dupont Qualicon for Advanced Microbial Tracking. Customers who use Several Riboprinter Systems in Their Labs can now Combine Records From Each System Into one Integrated Database for Comprehensive Comparison, Grouping, and Identification of Unknown Bacteria. the System Uses Genetic Information to Provide an Automated Genetic Snapshot, or Riboprint™ Pattern, of any Bacterium in Less Than Eight Hours.
DuPont Qualicon, phone (302) 695-5300, or visit www.qualicon.com

Heat and Control’s new twin-drum spiral oven cooks faster, and delivers higher product yields and greater production output, because the cooking environment is independently controlled for each spiral drum. True Two-Zone™ cooking control is achieved by housing each drum in a separate cylindrical enclosure. Air flows uniformly across the conveyor from all sides to provide minimal temperature variation. This produces faster, more uniform cooking with no need to overcook to ensure products are fully cooked.
Heat and Control, phone (800) 227-5980, or visit www.heatandcontrol.com

Multivac Inc.’s FormShrink® technology provides meat processors with a skin-tight packaging solution that enhances packaging aesthetics and maximizes product freshness. Through use of a specialized roll-fed film that can reduce in size by up to 40 percent, meat is securely packaged sealed, shape-cut, and passed through a steam-shrink tunnel to activate the shrinking properties. The package then has a custom-made look with the convenience of rollstock automation.
Multivac Inc., phone (800) 800-8552, or visit www.multivac.com

The Fresh-Lock® Zipper brand of Presto Products has a line of polypropylene zippers for retort and other high-temperature packaging applications. The zippers are capable of resisting the high temperatures demanded by the retort process. Retort packaging provides improved flavor, reduced storage space and longer shelf life, reports the company. The zippers are available for both bottom-fill and top-fill pouch applications, and can be used in stand-up pouch or three-side-seal pouch designs.
Fresh-Lock Zipper, phone (800) 265-0750, or visit www.fresh-lock.com

Criterion™ is Hardy Diagnostics’ new brand of dehydrated culture media, formed, blended, and packaged at Hardy. The wide-mouth opening allows users to easily use a scoop, and a handgrip design features finger indentations that allow for easy and safe handling of the bottle. Criterion is available in more than 100 standard formulations and comes packaged in four sizes, from a 2L Mylar zipper bag to a 10-kg bucket with an easy-opening screw lid.
Hardy Diagnostics, phone (800) 266-7696, or visit www.hardydiagnostics.com

Vector Packaging introduces its B-5 high-barrier flat-sheet film for horizontal form/fill/seal processing. The film is designed for high-volume cooked ham, turkey breast, and processed meat applications in all shapes and sizes. It provides balanced shrink for precise control, controlled cling to reduce purge and maximize yields, and strong seal strength over a wide temperature range to reduce breakage in stuff and cook applications.
Vector Packaging, phone (888) 227-4647, or visit www.vectorpackaging.com

AirMax pneumatic trimmers from Bettcher Industries trim easier compared to conventional pneumatic trimmers, with enhanced power, so applications like defatting hams, pork loins, and strips are easier. A new design element, a specially engineered valve assembly, allows easy one-handed starting of the tool. That feature is beneficial for workers who engage in short-duration but frequent uses of the trimmer. A new cartridge-style air motor provides quick and easy maintenance.
Bettcher Industries, phone (440) 965-4422, or visit www.bettcher.com

Control Valve
Spirax Sarco Inc. introduces the C Series control valves in sizes from 1 to 8 inches with valve plug closure to ANSI class IV, V, and VI. The cage-guided balanced plug is designed to provide precise control over high differential pressures, and the modular design enables a single valve envelope to answer a variety of control applications. One-, two-, and three-stage designs are available to minimize cavitation and aerodynamic noise.
Spirax Sarco Inc., phone (803) 714-2000, or visit www.spiraxsarco.com/us

Nitrogen Generators
New second-generation Balston membrane nitrogen gas generators are now available from Parker Hannifin Corp. The Nitrosource nitrogen generators feature a digital data management system offering status information, system set-up information, maintenance indicators, detailed alarm functions, extensive data exchange facilities, and remote control option. A unique modular design provides for low-cost added output capacity, and modules can be added to the main unit if additional output capacity is required in the future.
Parker Balston Corp., phone (800) 343-4048

Repair Putty
Flexane® fast-sure rubber repair putty from Devcon makes repairing conveyor belts and other equipment quick and economical. The newly formulated urethane can also coat metal splices, fill control/expansion joints in concrete or metal, and form protective linings in machinery subject to abrasion, impact, or vibration. It has a working time of eight minutes, is tack free in 30 minutes, and is ready for light-duty service in three hours or less.
Devcon, phone (800) 933-8266, or visit www.devcon.com/devconfamilyproduct.cfm?familyid+145

Plate Antigen
Charles River SPAFAS, a producer of specific pathogen-free avian products, announces the development and USDA approval of a Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) plate antigen. It is a suspension of killed, stained A5969 strain of MG for serum plate agglutination testing of chicken and turkey flocks. It provides a simple, economical and fast method for detecting antibodies in the population.
Charles River SPAFAS, phone (860) 889-1389

Videojet Technologies, a Danaher company, introduces the Marsh® 8000 large character ink jet printer. The Marsh 8000 is a versatile, modular printing system that prints high-resolution large characters and bar codes for outer-case coding on shipping containers and corrugated cartons. The system is capable of line speeds up to 200 feet per minute. A color touch-screen graphical user interface simplifies operation and language/character setting.
Videojet Technologies Inc., phone (630) 860-7300, or visit www.videojet.com

Fluid Bed Processor
The S-0570 double-deck circular vibratory fluid bed processor from Kason Corp. reduces capital cost, energy usage, and floor space per pound of product being dried or cooled. The addition of an upper deck makes use of heated or cooled air that would otherwise be exhausted after passing through the lower deck and requires little to no increase in operating cost or floor space.
Kason Corp., phone (973) 467-8140, or visit www.kason.com

Color-coded black bristles on floor drain brushes help sanitation personnel keep them segregated to avoid cross-contamination. Nelson-Jameson offers brushes with black handles so personnel can determine at-a-glance that the brush is to be used with floor drains. The company says the traditional white handles have led to confusion with some color-coded programs, since white brushes are typically used in processing areas.
Nelson Jameson Inc., phone (800) 826-8302

Metal Detectors
Eriez offers the E-Z Tec® metal detectors, which are used to detect the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Along with helping to provide product purity, the detectors also protect downstream equipment from damage caused by metal in the product stream. They are available in several different models, including aperture and mechanical conveyor models, and can detect particles as small as 0.3 millimeters.
Eriez, phone (814) 835-6000, or visit www.eriez.com

Insect Control
Insect-O-Cutor’s® Guardian glueboard wall sconce serves as a decorative accent lamp and also delivers discreet, economical and effective control of flying insects. Complying with various health codes, the Americans with Disabilities Act and energy conservation programs, the Guardian Model GBWS252 is lit by two insect attraction lamps, and it has more than 200 square inches of trapping surface.
Insect-O-Cutor, phone (770) 939-2835

Sellick Equipment introduces its S Series rough terrain forklift. Its design is focused on safety, visibility, ergonomics, and accessibility. The operator platform is rubber mounted to reduce noise and vibration levels, improving productivity and reducing fatigue. Visibility through the See-Thru roller mast has also been improved to increase safety.
Selleck Equipment, phone (877) 735-5425, or visit www.sellickequipment.com

Conveyor Belt Repair
Wire Belt Co. of America offers the EZSplice™ System, designed to increase the strength and life of the company’s Flat-Flex® open-mesh, stainless-steel wire belting. The system includes a conveyor belt splicing stand, profiling pliers, and simple belt splicing instructions. Splicing a belt with a single strand makes the spliced area the toughest part of the conveyor belt, resulting in lower belt repair and replacement costs.
Wire Belt Co. of America, phone (603) 644-2500, or visit www.wirebelt.com

The Ropak™ 3A Series of reusable collapsible containers from Linpac Materials Handling feature a 32-by-30-foot footprint. The containers have load capacities of up to 2,000 pounds and are available in heights of 25 inches, 30 inches, 34 inches, and 39 inches. Other features include non-sequential folding sidewalls secured by universal latches that can be operated both outside and inside the container.
Linpac Materials Handling, phone (888) 209-7052, or visit www.linpacmh.com

(U-Handles-TappedHoles.tif) J.W. Winco Inc. offers inch- and metric-size aluminum cabinet “U” handles with tapped holes. The handles feature a smooth surface and rigid design and are available in black, red, anodized (natural), and a bright tumbled finish. When coated with an epoxy powder coat resin, the ability to work with the handles is further enhanced.
J.W. Winco Inc., phone (800) 877-8351, or visit www.jwwinco.com

(Dbolthandlepage.jpg) Master-Bilt introduces a new standard deadbolt locking handle on all walk-in coolers and freezers. The mechanism is permanently affixed to the doorframe exterior, so if the locked handle is removed, the walk-in door remains locked by the deadbolt. The handle can be secured in the unlocked position to prevent unauthorized locking of the door, and an inside safety-release knob prevents accidental entrapment.
Master-Bilt, phone (800) 647-1284, or visit www.master-bilt.com

(DuffThreeTonActuatorRIse.jpg) Duff Norton’s new three-ton capacity machine screw actuator has a standard 24.2 efficiency rating, can be driven at 2 hp maximum, and is available with top place, clevis end, or threaded end mounts. It is suitable for applications requiring positive mechanical positioning, and can be driven either by a manual crank or a gear motor, which is connected to the horizontal worm shaft.
Duff Norton, phone (800) 477-5002, or visit www.duffnorton.com

Case Erector
(superformer2copy.jpg) The O/K International Corp. OK Superformer 2 can erect up to 28 cases per minute with its two alternating vacuum heads. Standard specifications include automatic box squaring, low taper or box alarm, one turn of a handle to change four adjustment points, and stainless steel construction. Benefits include increased production efficiency and flexibility, and consistency for automatic lines and enhanced cosmetics. All O/K case erectors are equipped with Allen Bradley controls.
O/K International Corp., phone (508) 303-8286, or visit www.okcorp.com

Pallet Truck
(Xpresspalletphoto.jpg) Mettler Toledo offers the Xpress pallet truck scale, a mobile, battery-operated scale. Available in two different fork widths, the pallet truck scale line offers an onboard weighing system with a six-digit, high-contrast LCD indicator, and four color-coded tactile keys. It has been designed for heavy-duty applications and offers smooth and precise handling.
Mettler Toledo Inc., phone (866) 689-7737, or visit www.mt.com/xpress

Seal Inspection
(PTI-554 550.TIF.tif) Packaging Technologies & Inspection LLC offers its new Seal-Scan™ inspection technology on its line of inspection equipment. The Seal-Scan inspects the seal for flaws and defects on flat or stand-up pouches made of any type of material. The Seal-Scan Pti-540 is designed for integration into pouch filling and sealing machines running at line speed, and the Pti-550 is a stand-alone pouch-inspection system. Model Pti-525 provides off-line inspection and an in-depth quantitative evaluation of seals.
Packaging Technologies & Inspection LLC, phone (800) 532-1501, or visit www.ptiusa.com

(Forma-LinkPan.jpg) Formax® Inc.’s Forma-Link® and Tender-Form® technologies can be used to form skinless sausage links and patties. Forma-Link skinless sausage is suitable for casual dining retaurants, QSRs, pre-cooked and case –ready sales and is recommended for breakfast sausage, Italian sausage and chorizo, among others. Tender-Form sausage patties can be served with breakfast sandwiches or as a side dish. The technology is compatible with Formax’s line of forming machines.
Formax Inc., phone (708) 479-3500, or visit www.formax.com

(slide) Pre-treated precision edging on strip steel is offered by Blue Blade Steel. The edging transforms standard slit edge strip steel material into amore efficient, finished-edge strip that reduces production time, shortens time-to-market production schedules, and eliminates time, cost, and scrap waste. They are available in square, round or any combination of machine-beveled edges.
Blue Blade Steel, phone (908) 272-2620, or visit www.bluebladesteel.com

Vortex mixer
(thomas_mixers-group.jpg) Thomas Scientific offers a new line of vortex mixers. The Thomas® Mini vortex mixer can be used with test tubes, flasks, beakers, and a range of small containers. The Touch vortex mixer is a one-touch unit designed for high-speed mixing of samples. The Analog vortex offers variable speed control for gentle or high-speed mixing, and the Multi-Tube vortexers provide vortexing of up to 50 tubes or three microassay plates.
Thomas Scientific, phone (856) 467-2000, or visit www.thomassci.com