In response to demand for intensive washdown resistant materials, Lock Inspection Systems introduces the X-treme metal detector liner. Sealed to IP67 and capable of withstanding high-pressure hose cleaning conditions of up to 1,000 psi, the new Lock X-treme liner offers optimum protection against water ingress. Developed at Lock’s U.S. headquarters, the high density polyethylene liner can withstand direct hose cleaning at a range of 3 ft., and carriers a three-year water ingress warranty. Because the X-treme liner is not directly connected to the main head liner, any products and packages that come into contact with the liner will not create a detection, reducing false rejects and product wastage.
Lock Inspection Systems, phone (973) 343-3716, or visit

Grote’s Slicer/Applicator S/A-530E is ideal for slicing fresh or cooked products (meat, cheese, or poultry) directly into trays for case ready applications.  Using Grote’s patented Accuband band-blade cutting technology, the S/A-530E slices product cleanly and efficiently while depositing these products directly into moving trays as they pass beneath. Production rates are adjustable to match conveyor line speed, and slicing thickness is adjustable while the machine is in operation (from thick cuts down to thinly sliced shaved products).  The S/A-530E is designed of stainless steel construction, and its operation is easily controlled with a user-friendly keypad.  The S/A-530E is cantilevered and fits directly over a 30” wide belt (other sizes are also available).
Grote, phone (888) 534-7683, or visit

B.A.G. Corp introduces the new Combo-BAG container. This clean, easy, and efficient bulk package was developed for the meat processing industry for the handling, transport, and storage of meat products. The Combo-BAG is utilized in the same manner as a box with a liner, except: no pallet is necessary; no cardboard is used; tare weight is 9.5 pounds versus 70 pounds for a box/liner/pallet; the liner stays attached to the outer container; and the container is stronger and not affected by moisture. In addition, this container is very cost competitive with a box/liner. The Combo-BAG arrives completely assembled and uses much less warehouse space than the various components used with boxes and liners.
B.A.G. Corp., phone (800) 331-9200, or visit

Vector Packaging, formerly Inovpack Vector, launched a brand new coated casings line called the Enhance Series at the 2003 AMI Show. Since then, this line of ColorKote and SmokeKote coated casings has had a huge impact with major meat processors as they discover the significant attributes of each product type. The ColorKote version enhances meat surface color with no flaking. The SmokeKote version enhances surface color, flavor, and aroma. The authenticity of SmokeKote flavor is unsurpassed in today’s market. Both ColorKote and SmokeKote have applications with turkey, ham, and roast beef in round, rectangular, or d-shapes. Key advantages to Vector’s Enhance Series are its impermeability, excellent cling, peelability, and high strength. Within the next 12 months, Vector plans to introduce additional flavors for the SmokeKote version and more colors for ColorKote.
Additionally, Vector is now offering free sales literature on their line of impermeable casings. The most widely sold plastic casings in the world, Vector Casings are used by meat, poultry, and dairy processors to ensure predictable yields and precise diameter control. The full-color literature offered by Vector covers all of the casings’ attributes with concise copy points. Benefits to the processor are covered in depth. The reverse side of the literature provides details on Vector’s many other packaging products including Vector 80 High Abuse Shrink Bags, B-5 Barrier Flat Sheet Film, and Enhance Coated Casings.
Vector Packaging, phone (888) 227-4647, or visit

Shell’s Tellus and Tellus Premium are oils designed with features that deliver a major advancement in equipment wear protection. Tellus and Tellus Premium oils offer better wear protection than major brands, as measured by a variation of the ASTM D 2882 vane pump test, helping to reduce premature pump failures, increase system efficiency and reduce component failure. This in turn helps to provide an effective solution to companies seeking to reduce machinery downtime and maximize plant productivity. Shell formulated the new products over four years of extensive testing, research and development. Designed to meet increasingly demanding applications for hydraulic oils, next-generation Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium oils provide a range of high-performance mineral oil-based fluids, suitable for use in a variety of hydraulic applications to help keep manufacturing equipment in excellent working order. Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium have been developed with patented additive technology that provides maximum wear protection at both high- and low-load condition extremes. The new Shell-patented hydraulic oil chemistry delivers products with excellent performance in comparison to leading hydraulic oils available in today’s market.
Shell, phone (713) 546-3759, or visit

Tooling systems
Formax’s filling and tooling systems like True-Sculpt, Port-Fill, and Poultry-Plus give poultry processors the opportunity to form exciting new products that consumers demand. True-Sculpt’s three-dimensional tooling creates superior quality “off-the-bone” items that are perfect for today’s ethnic coatings and signature breadings. Its introduction has helped place comfort foods like hot wings and miniature drummies on the top seller list. True-Sculpt innovation means superior product appearance whether the product is just out of the package or out of the fryer. The company’s stringent manufacturing standards also keeps portion control on-target, translating to less waste and a faster payback overall. Port-Fill is technology for chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, and chicken fingers. Port-Fill both improves product texture and assures accurate weight control for faster ROI. With the addition of Poultry-Plus, appetizing breast-shaped portions can be formed with the contoured natural shape consumers prefer. The portions offer superior texture and appearance and are ideal for foodservice, QSRs, and retail markets.
Formax, phone (708) 479-3500, or visit

Filling system
NuTEC’s completely hydraulic C-Frame System fits right into existing production lines to deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, calzones, sandwich wraps, empanadas, cordon bleu, burritos, egg rolls, hamburgers, meat pies, chicken kiev, and stuffed seafood shells. The number of successful applications continues to grow as more and more processors recognize the versatility of the 725. The C-Frame System can deposit a variety of portions, fillings, and toppings with unparalleled accuracy and consistency. NuTEC’s unique feed system uses a rotating spiral that gently moves the product to the rotary vane pump. Bridging and overworking are eliminated because the product is neither rolled nor tumbled. Deposit sizes of up to 1 3/8” thick can be achieved at up to 65 cycles per minute. The 100 percent hydraulic system on the 725 C-Frame Filling & Portion Depositor also minimizes maintenance, reduces downtime, and lowers repair costs.
NuTEC, phone (815) 722-2800, or visit

Multisorb’s FreshPax oxygen sorbents naturally maintain the shelf life and quality of products without additives or preservatives. FreshPax retains food taste and color by effectively removing oxygen from the interior packaging environment. FreshPax protects packaged foods from spoilage, mold growth, and other aerobic degradation. FreshPax oxygen sorbent sachets are available in a wide variety of sizes and fills to ensure adequate oxygen absorber capacity and extend the shelf life of all products. The sorbent sachets are inserted into almost any package to rapidly reduce oxygen levels and maintain the oxygen content within packaging to below 0.01 percent. FreshPax’s oxygen scavenger technology prevents the growth of aerobic pathogens and organisms and controls the oxidative chemical and biochemical spoilage reductions that occur in products within a sealed package. FreshPax reduces or eliminates the need for food additives and preservatives.
Multisorb, phone (888) 767-2368, or visit

Appleton’s C&H Packaging operation has added the capability to print graphics with a new six-color separation process that can produce more than 40,000 special colors. This new flexographic printing capability produces more accurate color matching of spot colors, which pushes package graphics and visuals to a dynamic new level of visual presentation. The six-color separation process delivers amazingly accurate color reproduction. Image detail, crispness, and brilliance are far superior to the traditional four-color process. It also simplifies each print job because fewer line color means less makeready, fewer plates and wash-ups, thereby shortening production schedules.
Appleton, phone (920) 740-4177, or visit

The latest addition from O/K International Corp., is the OK Supersealer SB3 Bandsealer. This machine has a lift hood for easy access to the interior of the sealer where you can see all visual automatic band tension systems. The machine has the most accurate and quick setting of the heater block gap. These and many more features describe the new innovative OK Supersealer SB3 designed to crate the “Perfect Seal” for applications within the food industry. Benefits include: machine designed to stand up to aggressive cold wet environments; easy, accurate, and fast setting of heater block gap; unique visually automatic band tensioning system; innovative design gives the “Perfect Seal” on every bag.
O/K International Corp., phone (508) 303-8286, or visit

J.W. Winco Inc., a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components has made available its metric size Side Thrust Pins. These Side Thrust Pins are used to hold, position, or clamp workpieces. The thrust pin body is pressed into the proper bore size and depth. Four versions are available: single sided with stainless steel ball and stainless steel spring, single sided with plastic ball and stainless steel spring, single sided with black oxide finish steel ball and elasticized plastic spring, and double sided with black oxide finish steel ball and elasticized plastic spring.
J.W. Winco, phone (800) 877-8351, or visit

Document management service
Connell Purchasing Services introduces an on-line document management service that features unprecedented flexibility, ease of use, and economy. The document management service is a fundamental and affordable solution for midsize to smaller companies, especially since there is no software to purchase, no installation, and virtually no training necessary. As long as the company has a Web connection and standard browser, Connell will look to handle everything else, including archiving the documents to the server, customizing the organizational menu to client requirements, establishing necessary security firewalls and coding documents for expiration. Document access can be restricted at the user level. Ongoing, Connell can manage the document updating process, or it can be self-managed. According to Connell, the system can be implemented for as little as $10,000 for the first year and $6,000 per year thereafter.
Connell Purchasing Services, phone (502) 429-3413, or visit

Industry news
Food Tech, a Hanover, MA-based planning, engineering, and construction firm, has completed major renovations to the new Woolco Foods (formerly Porky Products) distribution center in Jersey City. The 32,000 square-foot facility had been vacant for many years and a new refrigeration system, along with racking, dock equipment, floor repairs, and office renovations were required within an extremely compressed schedule.