FSIS Amends Food Additives Directive
Food additives approved for use in meat and poultry products have been upgraded for inclusion in the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) listing, the American Meat Institute relays.
The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has amended the directive, “Safe and Suitable Ingred-ients Used in the Production of Meat and Poultry Products,” which updates ingredients determined to be safe.
AMI further relays that new substances have been added since March 21, 2005:
•  Carnobacterium maltaromaticum strain CB1 for use in ready-to-eat comminuted meat products such as hot dogs
•  Cellulose gum for use in poultry franks
•  Carbon monoxide gas as part of Precept’s modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system for use in packaging of case-ready poultry cuts and ground poultry
To view the directive and GRAS list, go to http: //www.fsis.usda.gov/Regulations_ &_Policies/7000_Series-Processed_ Products/index.asp

Astaris appoints new executive
St. Louis, MO-based Astaris LLC, a global leader in phosphate and phosphorous derivatives technologies, has appointed Mike Taylor as business director, food. Having led the marketing and sales efforts for companies in several sectors, Taylor brings a unique mix of industry experience, perspective, and business acumen to the unit.
“Food phosphates are a critical part of Astaris’ strategy for growth, and we are pleased to have someone with Taylor’s track record and broad expertise to manage this business,” says Jim Moffatt, vice president, sales & marketing.
Prior to joining Astaris, Taylor held a variety of senior marketing and sales management positions at different companies, including his most recent role as vice president of sales and marketing at CMS Inc., a medical software company. He also was employed by The NutraSweet Co. and Monsanto, where he presented highly functional food ingredients within food and nutrition segments.
Penford introduces rice starches
Penford Food Ingredients Co., Centennial, CO, has added a rice starches to its current portfolio of potato, tapioca, and corn starch products.
Penford’s initial introduction includes a variety of unmodified and modified rice starches. These products conform to non-GMO standards meeting European Regulations for use in food. The addition of rice starch to the company portfolio builds upon Penford’s strategy to be a premier carbohydrate company for the processed food industry.
Compared to other commercial starches, rice possesses an ultra-fine particle size that translates into a smoother and creamier texture. In its native state, rice starch offers a broader range of uses versus other comparable products. Supper freeze thaw stability, high moisture retention, and a clean taste are several product benefits.
For more information, call 800/ 652-4732, e-mail PFI-Sales@Penx.com, or visit www.penfordfoods.com

New flavor enhancer for cooked products
PURAC has developed a flavor-enhanced potassium lactacte/diacetate, PURASAL Opti. Form PD 4/F. The flavor enhancer is designed to improve the flavor of potassium lactate and sodium diacetate used in cooked meat and poultry products.
PURAC America, phone (847) 634-6330, or e-mail pam@purac.com

New line of starches
AVEBE Food, The Netherlands, has launched a new line of specialty potato starches — PASELLI™ EZ-SPERSE, which can be used in preparation of any powdered food requiring instant, lump-free thickening at any temperature.
“The recognition of consumer need for quick and easy preparation foods was the driver in development of these new starches,” says Halbe Vogel, director of innovation for AVEBE Food. “Early in our innovation process we focused on developing a starch with lump-free, instantaneous hydration and extended stability characteristics. We are now pleased to offer a range of products that more than meets these customer needs with added features of shiny and glossy appearance, shirt texture, and clean, natural flavor profile.”
The key applications of this line include instant and vending soups, foodservice and catering products. PASELLI EZ-SPERSE’s range of starches’ ability to impart instant high-viscosity in powered soups, sauces, and gravies regardless of water temperature is as important as its excellent simmer-, refrigeration-, and freeze/thaw stability, says Jap Harkeman, market manager for the company’s powdered foods business.
For more information, e-mail LambertV@AVEBE.COM