Panorama branded natural, organic beef unveiled
Western Grasslands, Inc. has launched new brand names — Panorama Natural Grass-Fed Beef™ and Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef™ — for its lines of natural and organic fresh beef. They were formerly marketed under the brand Western Grassfed Beef™.
Western Grasslands, Inc. is made up of family ranchers in California, Oregon and Washington who raise Black and Red Angus cattle on natural grasses, legumes and range forage.
Panorama’s pasture-raised beef is being sold at independent grocery stores, Whole Foods Markets in Northern California, Oregon and Washington, at 188 Trader Joe's stores in the western U.S and at other retail stores. Notable restaurants, including San Francisco's ACME Chophouse and Jardiniere, also feature Panorama grass-fed beef on their menus. Panorama has plans to distribute its beef nationally as supply increases.
Chr. Hansen introduces new yeast product
Chr. Hansen, a global leader in feed and food ingredients, introduces a new, highly concentrated and science-supported yeast product, Biomate® YC-20 Yeast Concentrate.
Biomate YC-20 Yeast Concentrate replaces Biomate Yeast Concentrate, and is at a higher concentration with a guaranteed minimum 20 billion live cells of yeast per gram of product.
Research confirms that the new Biomate YC-20 Yeast Concentrate supports rumen bacteria and enhances rumen activity. Biomate YC-20 Yeast Concentrate’s specific strain can withstand higher temperatures for longer shelf life and stability. It comes vacuum-packed in a 50-pound, heat-sealed foil bag placed within a box that has a shelf life of up to 12 months.
Biomate YC-20 Yeast Concentrate can be fed at only 2.5 grams per head per day, requiring less space in the ration and leaving more room to add other ingredients, because of its high potency.