New, Tender Formed Diced Pork
Chicago Meat Authority (CMA) introduces Formed Diced Pork, a lean and tender diced pork product. CMA’s Formed Diced Pork is very lean, making it perfect for foodservice operations and institutions, such as hospitals and nursing-home facilities. Before dicing, CMA lean pork is expertly trimmed, and CMA’s proprietary process results in a finished product that is extremely tender and easy to use. CMA Formed Diced Pork is also very flavorful, produced only from butcher-quality hogs. Each 1x1x1-inch cube is individually quick-frozen (IQF) for ease of handling. Formed Diced Pork is sold in two five-pound bags per box, and cooks will be able to efficiently use the product without waste. CMA Formed Diced Pork is best prepared by braising and browning, or it can be sautéed. These cubes make a brilliant sweet-and-sour pork, an amazing pork chili, a mouthwatering pork stew, and many other delectable entrees.
Prairie Grove Farms line expands
Three new products under the Prairie Grove Farms® brand have been introduced to meet growing demand from consumers. Retail and foodservice customers now can order fully cooked Natural Pork Loin Back Ribs, Natural St. Louis Style Pork Ribs and Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon. Each new product contains no artificial ingredients and is minimally processed. These natural products contain no antibiotics, preservatives, growth stimulants, MSG or added nitrites/nitrates, except for those that naturally occur in celery juice. Both cuts of the fully cooked natural pork ribs are packaged in a sauce for added convenience. They can be heated and served in minutes. The Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon meets the growing demand for processed natural pork.
Bar-S unveils new bacon product
Bar-S Foods Co. introduces Fully Cooked Bacon to its popular line of bacon products. Bar-S Fully Cooked Bacon offers the same great smoky flavor as Regular Bar-S Bacon and is made from the same high-quality, carefully selected meat type bellies. Very versatile, Bar-S Fully Cooked Bacon is good for breakfast, sandwiches, salads and many other options. Each 2.1-ounce package has 14 to 16 fully cooked, ready-to-eat slices, making Bar-S Fully Cooked Bacon a quick, easy and convenient eating option.
‘The LEGEND’ makes its debut
Advance Food Company is proud to introduce a country-fried steak that is a match for scratch. Handmade by a team of experts, The LEGEND™ Country Fried Steak is a combination of sirloin beef, quality breading and a variety of spices. The LEGEND is produced from only hand-cut sirloin beef for the best steak flavor, is hand-battered and breaded, and then is par-fried to set the breading and lock in flavor, texture and appearance. So why make it from scratch when you can have homemade taste in minutes from Advance Food Company, The Country Fried Steak Experts™?