Harris Ranch Launches Expanded Ground-Beef Line
Harris Ranch has announced the launch of an expanded line of ground beef products for both retail and foodservice customers.  Produced exclusively from cattle fed and finished at the Harris Feeding Company in central California, Harris Ranch prides itself in controlling all aspects of its beef production. In addition to Harris Ranch’s unique, vertically integrated production system, the company also boasts an all-natural ground-beef line under the name Harris Ranch Premium Natural Angus Beef. This product is made from Harris Ranch’s source- and age-verified cattle that have never received hormones or antibiotics and have been fed an all-vegetarian diet. The Harris Ranch Ground Beef line includes frozen, ready-to-grill burger patties, which are available in 1/3-pound and 1/4-pound, and in lean points 73/27, 81/19, and 90/10. They are packaged in a convenient, resealable pouch, containing nine or 12 patties. Harris Ranch also offers foodservice premium 80 percent lean chuck patties available in bulk with convenient wax paper separators. Ground beef chubs are offered in 1-, 3-, and 5-pound chubs in a variety of lean points, and course ground 10-pound chubs are available in a variety of lean points and sirloin.
Pierce Chicken® introduces Filet-Vors
Pilgrim’s Pride Foodservice introduces Pierce Chicken Filet-Vors. These premium breast fillets deliver a twist on current offerings with 12 new options — four consumer-chosen flavors in a choice of three convenient formats. Filet-Vors come seasoned in on-trend Mediterranean, Orange, Salsa Mexicana and Spicy Asian varieties. Developed through the proprietary FlavorQuest™ consumer-testing process, these flavors are designed to meet today’s consumer cravings. Each flavor is available in three convenient formats — IF Raw Marinated, Par-Fried and Fully Cooked Unbreaded fillets. This allows operators to choose the best product for their kitchen.
Bar-S unveils L-Board Turkey Bacon
Bar-S Foods Co. has introduced a 12-ounce L-Board Turkey Bacon to its already popular bacon line. Bar-S L-Board Turkey Bacon is made from premium-quality USDA-inspected turkey meat. With 55 percent less fat than USDA data for cooked pork bacon, Bar-S L-Board Turkey bacon offers a significant benefit for the health-conscious consumer. Bar-S L-Board Turkey Bacon Ingredients: Poultry Ingredients (Mechanically Separated Turkey, Turkey), Water, Salt, Sugar, Flavoring (Salt, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Natural Smoke Flavor, Spice), Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite.
Advance Food Company releases new line of chicken fillets
Advance Food Company’s new SmartServe® 2-D and 3-D chicken fillets deliver flavor and convenience. These fully cooked chicken fillets are easy to prepare, profitable to serve and available in multiple flavor profiles to help foodservice operators add a new dimension to their customers’ favorite dishes. 3-D chicken fillets have a natural breast appearance with an excellent texture and bite, and each flavorful glaze adds a delicious, mouthwatering taste. 2-D chicken fillets have excellent coverage for sandwiches, and charmarks provide a freshly prepared appearance. 2-D fillets are available in a variety of great flavor profiles, they are versatile and they fit any menu.