Lead Screws
Kerk Motion Products has announced its new RGS 10000 Slide. The Kerk RGS 10000 Slide builds on the RGS platform and can handle axial loads of up to 100 pounds at speeds of more than 60 inches per second. The slide is compact, self-contained and backlash- and maintenance-free. It is made for applications such as transportation doors actuation, materials handling, industrial packaging, automated cutting and slitting and large X-Y tables.
Kerk Motion Products,
phone (603) 465-7227, or visit www.kerkmotion.com
Metal Detector
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced an upgrade to its metal detector line (formerly sold under Goring Kerr). The upgrade extends the operational life of the DSP2, DSP3 and Metal Eliminator products in the field and improves ease of use, reliability and performance. The upgrade allows equipment to detect 5 to 10% smaller metal and uses improved sensitivity to reduce rework and scrap from false rejects.
Thermo Fisher Scientific,
phone (763) 783-2630, or visit www.thermo.com/apex
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc., introduces its full line of metal detector performance verification samples and kits. These test samples and kits allow plant personnel to easily test the performance of any manufacturer’s metal detectors to absolutely ensure that product quality standards are being met. They are an essential tool in any product quality management system including ISO 9000, HACCP and GMP.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.,
phone (800) 447-4439, or visit www.mt.com/safelineus
The MP Equipment Company has introduced the QC Simple™ to its product line. It captures all product attributes, eliminating manual measurements. It offers Windows software, user-friendly touchscreen controls and can scan up to five times faster than traditional methods. It also offers the ability to print “hold” and “pass” product labels and stores all data in electronic format for easy retrieval. The data can be uploaded into an SPC program. A one-step belt removal provides for rapid sanitation.
MP Equipment Company,
phone (770) 614-5355, or visit www.mpequipment.com
CSB-System just recently announced a new version of its least cost formulation software. Using different material potential, such as protein content, fat content and other material attributes, the new system is more modular and allows multiple different approaches to least cost formulation in the planning stages as well as in the operational production execution. The new system can be integrated into the CSB-HACCP module, so that lab tests for these attributes can directly feed the dynamic formulas on the production floor.
CSB-System International,
phone (800) 852-9977, or visit www.csb.com
Flavorseal® specialty pouches from Carroll Manufacturing and Sales can be customized to fill almost any requirements for food processors. Pouch sizes can range from single-serve to super-size and are available either custom printed or unprinted and in flat or gusseted stand-up styles. Flavorseal specialty pouches can also be tailored to specific shelf-life requirements. Customer-friendly options increase retail sales appeal and include hanging punch holes, tear notches, and reclosable zippers. A variety of freshness options allow processors to seal in freshness and flavor while letting end users conveniently reseal for storage—substantial advantages over cans or non-resealable plastic bags.
Carroll Manufacturing and Sales,
phone (866) 769-1500, or visit www.cmsflavorseal.com
Sealed Air’s Cryovac Food Packaging announces the improved Cryovac® B2000 series vacuum barrier shrink bag for smoked and processed meats, fresh meats, poultry and dairy. Combining shrink and toughness without compromising oxygen-barrier properties, the B2000 series bag is ideal for use with a variety of non-abrasive applications such as boneless roast, ham and cheese. Enhanced toughness delivers better performance without the threat of material punctures under normal handling through distribution. The B2000 series bag also offers possible source reduction for processors currently using a heaver gauge bag for slightly more abusive products.
phone (800) 845-3456, or visit www.cryovac.com
Zip-Pak has introduced the Zip-Pak® Double Zipper, the newest part of the Press-to-Close family of resealable packaging. It is designed with two sets of interlocking profiles spaced to guide consumers’ fingers along a path while closing a package. The closure is more easily aligned and provides for a complete seal each time it is used. The Double Zipper can be used with products such as deli meats, prepared foods with sauces, shredded or sliced cheese and frozen foods. It can be incorporated in a variety of package styles from stand-up pouches to flat bags. Zip-Pak Systems, the company’s equipment division, makes products that retrofit existing equipment to accommodate the new resealable packaging.
phone (815)468-6500, or visit www.zippak.com
AirShirz® pneumatic scissors from Bettcher Industries increase worker productivity while reducing muscle fatigue in poultry paw upgrade operations. With its air-powered operation and fixed bottom blade design, AirShirz® scissors provide clean, accurate cutting without the stress on hands caused by using manual scissors. Fully controllable blades allow operators to use AirShirz® units in the paw upgrade application just as they would manual scissors. AirShirz® requires approximately 90% less muscle activity to operate and achieves up to 127% greater worker productivity over conventional scissors.
Bettcher Industries Inc.,
phone (440) 965-4422, or visit www.bettcher.com
Dorner Manufacturing has released the AquaPruf 7600 Ultimate Series Conveyor. The series is designed for fast and effective sanitation in demanding environments, including ready-to-eat foods, raw protein, dairy and other environments with high-pressure sanitation requirements. The conveyor has a positive driven solid urethane belt, stainless steel frame and bearings, solid UHMW wear strips, welded standoffs, easy access parts and can handle loads up to 20 pounds per square foot of belt. It meets USDA, NSF and AMI design specifications.
Dorner Manufacturing,
phone (800) 397-8664, or visit www.dorner.com
Frying Oil
A new formulation of INOLENS® 4 has been introduced by Vitiva. The new formulation is designed for the protection of edible and frying oils against rancidity. It offers an all-natural protection of edible and frying oils against rancidity and prevents changes in taste, odor and color while significantly extending product shelf-life. The new formulation is allergen-free and can be utilized with oils such as: soy, corn, sunflower, olive, sesame seed, canola and other types of edible and frying oils.
phone +386 2 1788 87 38, or visit www.vitiva.si
Janitorial Materials
Nelson-Jameson has added a full line of janitorial chemicals from NYCO Products Company. NYCO offers a variety of janitorial chemicals specifically formulated for sanitary maintenance and industrial cleaning. Degreasers to remove grime, grease and build-up are available in several formulations. The line also provides bowl cleaners, drain cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectants and odor counteractants for restroom maintenance. Other cleaning products featured include: floor care products, multi-purpose cleaners, dish soap, liquid stainless steel cleaner & polish, and truck & car wash.
Nelson-Jameson, Inc.,
phone (800) 826-8302, or visit www.nelsonjameson.com
Cooking bags
Flavorseal™ High Abuse Cooking Bag with Handle from Carroll Manufacturing and Sales has proven extremely durable from the processing floor all the way to the retail meat case. The bag, which can be cooked in up to 230 degrees F, is resistant to punctures from ribs and other meats with protruding bones. The handle bag makes it easy for customers in retail environments to lift and carry their selections and, for processors, the simple handle makes lifting, toting, and emptying the bag easier, improving productivity. The bags’ proprietary multi-layer construction also withstands high abuse during packaging, shipping, and handling by store staff and customers.
Carroll Manufacturing and Sales,
phone (866) 769-1500, or visit www.cmsflavorseal.com
CSB-System International has released a new version of its Business Process Management software. The module allows customers to document all business process in business application and reduces training costs of new personnel. It also can make crosstraining of employees easier. External auditors can reproduce all processes during reviews for USDA inspections, ISO certifications or Sarbannes-Oxley audits.
CSB-System International,
phone (800) 852-9977, or visit www.csb.com
Hand hygiene
Meritech Inc. has announced the debut of its Radius line by CleanTech. The line is designed with the same technology as the original CleanTech line but designed with a smaller footprint for food service, hospitality, retail and healthcare facilities. The line washes, rinses and sanitizes hands with an automated 10-second, touch-free cycle.
Meritech Inc.,
phone (800) 932-7077, or visit www.meritech.com
Whizard® Series II Trimmer – Model 620 from Bettcher Industries has a swift-rotating circular blade makes a clean, quick cut while reducing stress on the hand and the forearm, thereby minimizing worker fatigue. All Series II handpieces feature a contoured handle to reduce grip force and torque movement. Operators can choose from five handle sizes which are easily interchangeable. The handles are color-coded by size for easy identification and are very comfortable.
Bettcher Industries,
phone (440) 965-4422, or visit www.bettcher.com
New checkweigher systems from Gainco, Inc. provide accurate high-speed, in-motion weighing of both bagged and boxed poultry and red meat products against a variety of pre-set “accept” or “reject” parameters. The equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use in virtually all processing environments, and the system can process up to 60 bags or boxes per minute, depending on unit size. With a box unit capacity up to 50 lbs., the precision weighing capabilities of Gainco checkweighers are accurate to +/- 0.04 lbs., with “gap error” warnings embedded in the software.
Gainco Inc.,
phone (770) 534-0703, or visit www.gainco.com
Rollstock’s RZ-200 Zipper Packaging Machine is designed for seafood, luncheon meats, bacon, and any food or non-food products that require a reliable, consumer-friendly reclosable feature. A system developed by Pro-Pac Services is built into the standard Rollstock Inc. machine, making most parts interchangeable.
Rollstock Inc.,
phone (888) 314-2152, or visit www.rollstock.com
The ES 1.0 High Frequency Stunner now available from LINCO provides maximum yield and minimizes internal bruising, broken bones and blood spots. As a result, downgrades are decreased and deboning is faster, easier and more efficient. The LINCO patented computer-controlled stunning device optimizes settings for frequency and voltage, using algorithms that automatically adjust for changes in resistance.
phone (800) 865-4626, or visit www.lincofood.us
Hickory Hardware has introduced the Faultless Air Cargo and Conveyor Caster Series. Designed to provide reliable mobility solutions for ground support equipment, sortation systems, and loading equipment, it has heavy-duty, quality-built casters. The casters are water- and chemical- resistant and able to withstand steam cleaning.
Hickory Hardware,
phone (877) 556-2198, or visit www.hickoryhardware.com
UV Filter
Ciba Specialty Chemicals has released a new UV filter to protect package contents. The filter is incorporated into the packaging material itself. It can block up to 90% of light, is colorless, and is appropriate for a wide range of PET food packaging.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals,
phone (914) 785-2000, or visit www.cibasc.com
Alpha Wire Company has announced the launch of a new, completely transparent, heat shrinkable tubing called FIT®-CLEAR. The latest addition represents an addition to the company’s existing line of heat shrink products and will address applications where visual inspection and identification are issues once a cable has been dressed. FIT®-CLEAR is manufactured using a modified polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) material that offers UL VW-1 flame retardency with a low shrink temperature of 150ºC
Alpha Wire Company,
phone (908) 925-8000, or visit www.alphawire.com
Bettcher’s Power Knife cuts longer, thinner slices of meat for a fuller, better-looking sandwich, while at the same time increasing sandwich yields an average of 25%. Power Knife reduces operator muscle fatigue as it glides across the meat. Using the tool’s specially engineered adjustable depth gauge, operators can regulate and control the overall quality, consistency and thickness of the meat slices accurately.
Bettcher Industries,
phone (440) 965-4422, or visit www.bettcher.com/foodservice
Protective Wear
PolyCo has introduced new 3-piece VR Rainsuit including jacket with storm flap, hood and bib-style pants with adjustable suspenders. Features reinforced crotch and underarms, comfort-fit design, strong thermal seals, and quick release snap-lock buckles with easy adjustment front and back. VR easily sheds and is highly resistant to fats, oils and a wide array of chemicals. VR also resists bio-film accumulation and cracking or tearing in low-temperature work environments.
phone (888)-893-3330, ext.131, or visit www.PolyCoUSA.com