Murray’s Unveils Antibiotic-Free Ground Chicken Burgers
Murray’s all-natural antibiotic-free Chicken Burgers are the latest addition to the company’s hassle-free Chicken Express label, promising tasty meals in less than five minutes. With three minutes on the grill or in the frying pan, that leaves time to pick your trimmings and build the perfect burger.
A healthy, lean alternative to the traditional burger with all the taste and none of the guilt, these patties pack a powerful punch in both the Classic and Italian Style varieties. Like all Murray’s products, our Chicken Burgers carry the Certified Humane Label. The burgers are packaged in a fully-recyclable and non-toxic tray, an alternative to the traditional Styrofoam packaging. Murray’s 4-ounce Chicken Burgers come four patties to the tray and are packed six one-pound trays to the case.
Carando releases Party Italian Style! Deli Meat Platter
When it comes to best of classic Italian deli meats, bring the new Carando Party Italian Style! Deli Meat Platter to the party. The sliced and plated authentic Italian deli meats will leave the retailer with customers clamoring for these ready-to-serve combinations. Retailers can merchandise this deli platter year-round for graduation, summer picnics, holidays, parties and sporting events. It is shipped eight platters (28 ounces each) in a 14-pound case. Carando (, located in Springfield, Mass., is a division of Farmland Foods, Inc., which is based in Kansas City, Mo.
Ball Park launches Cheese Franks
Ball Park, a division of Sara Lee Food & Beverage, announces the launch of Ball Park Cheese Franks — hearty beef, turkey and pork hot dogs with a cheese filling. Ball Park’s newest product line offers hot dog lovers a “big” cheese flavor for their hot dogs.  
Ball Park Cheese Franks, along with Ball Park’s meat, beef and GrillMaster hot dogs, were recently honored with the “2007 Best Taste” award by the American Culinary Institute’s Chefs Best — a panel of independent professional chefs who honor products rated highest overall for taste and quality among leading brands. Ball Park franks were the only hot dogs to receive the award in 2007.