With FSIS’s recent announcement thatEscherichia coliserogroups O26, O103, O45, O111, O121 and O145 will be declared adulterants in non-intact raw beef, Food Safety Net Services (FSNS) announced that it has performed comprehensive STEC testing with a variety of clients and has become proficient in testing for the sixE. coliserogroups known as STEC. FSNS is a food safety partner committed to providing expert resources and unsurpassed results at the highest quality of service. There are a number of methods currently available for testing the non-O157 STEC Top 6 in beef. Currently, FSNS offers STEC testing through various rapid detection systems such as Dupont Qualicon BAX, and BioControl GDS.

“Food Safety Net Services is committed to providing our clients all our resources to help them through this new regulation. FSNS is actively evaluating additional systems and methods to provide clients with the best option currently in the market,” said Gina Bellinger, president of Food Safety Net Services.