Cantrell, a poultry and food processing equipment, parts sales and service company, has developed the CBS-100 Whole Bird Splitter to reduce mis-splits and downgrade cuts. The Cantrell CBS-100 Whole Bird Splitter enables plants to split entire birds as they are introduced into the machine from the shackle, improving efficiency during processing.

The new splitter incorporates a strengthened tumbler and horn to reduce errors in the process. The rail mount design accommodates any positioning required by individual processors.

“Reducing mis-splits increases yield for the processor,” said Dane Woods, Cantrell’s General Manager Sales/Service/Engineering. “The design of the Whole Bird Splitter also makes it more durable, and there is less wear on the parts. The improved horn means less damage from the shackle and a longer life.”

Cantrell’s Whole Bird Splitter requires very little space for set-up and has minimal water and electrical requirements.

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