Oversea Casing and Superior Farms announced this week that they have begun a partnership where the Superior Farms sales team can sell natural sausage casings to its customers nationwide on Oversea’s behalf.

 “Starting now, our sales force of 30 members are actively selling casings as part of our product offering,” said Craig Powell, Superior Farms Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “From the customer’s perspective, they get one-stop shopping from a truly vertically integrated partnership.”

Superior Farms and Oversea Casing are both owned by Transhumance, Inc. Superior Farms, the largest North American lamb processor, sells raw materials to Oversea Casing, which in turn processes the material into ready-to-use, all natural sausage casings. “The relationship is part of our strategy to utilize all of the animal and maximize efficiencies for transportation and distribution,” said Powell.

“Our relationship with Superior is what makes this unique to the industry,” said Michael Mayo, co-owner of Oversea Casing. “We have a secure supply and now a network of 30-plus sales people that are working on our behalf.” The natural casings are sold primarily to sausage makers, wholesale meat distributors and butcher shops.

“I think it’s great,” said Mayo. “It gives us a larger network of sales and distribution than any other casing company in North America. We now have distribution points in Northern and Southern California, Chicago, Denver, Boston, Florida, Seattle and Langley, B.C. We’re faster and more efficient because we can utilize these distribution points and deliver to customers the next day or they can pick-up.”

Source: Superior Farms