The XL Foods facility in Brooks, Alberta, will resume partial operations on Tuesday after laying off its entire work force of 2,000 employees on Saturday and recalling 800 on Sunday. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency indicated that the plant may be back at full processing within 10 days.

The company announced its layoffs after not receiving information about reopening from the CFIA, reports The Globe and Mail. In a statement, XL’s co-chief executive Brian Nilsson blamed the federal inspection agency (CFIA) for the closing, saying it had not provided a “definitive timeline” for relicensing the plant and that the uncertainty made it impossible for the company to continue paying its workers. The shutdown prompted a union leader to suggest the company was attempting to strong-arm the government into moving more quickly to reopen the plant.

Nilsson announced the next day that 800 employees would return to work on Tuesday to complete the processing of 5,100 carcasses that have been stored at the facility, under CFIA inspection.

“We look forward to actively working with CFIA to bring this to a viable and timely resolution to allow the plant to recommence operations.” Nilsson said in a statement.

Source: The Globe and Mail