walker conveyorWalker Custom Sheet Metal, a company that specializes in custom sheet metal fabrications from hoppers and carts to industrial platforms and tanks, has introduced an innovative new conveyor for the food industry. Designed for completely tool-less disassembly and without niches to harbor bacteria, the conveyor can be quickly and easily sanitized to meet food manufacturing requirements.

“Having worked in this industry for nearly four decades, I can confidently say that ours is the only conveyor to offer this completely tool-less design,” said Jim Monaweck, project manager at Walker Custom Sheet Metal. “The pulleys, motors, drives, chutes and belts can all be easily removed using only your hands, so that anyone working on a line can fully disassemble the conveyor.”

Monaweck, who designed the conveyor, also reduced and eliminated areas where food particles can collect along the conveyor, a feature that makes the new equipment attractive to food manufactures looking to comply with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). At the heart of the legislation is the aim to prevent contamination of food supplies, making the ability to more quickly and easily clean and sanitize equipment a key compliance strategy for food manufacturers. Walker Custom Sheet Metal’s new conveyor simplifies the process of meeting these strict sanitation requirements and can be customized to meet the needs of individual manufacturers.

To learn more about Walker Custom Sheet Metal, please visit www.walkercustomsheetmetal.com.