NuTEC perforatorNuTEC, a leading manufacturer of Food Forming Machines and Portioning Depositors, offers several different options and accessories that are designed to enhance the shape and taste of finished products. One of these options includes a wide variety of Perforators and Scoring Devices. Available in several widths to match existing forming equipment, NuTEC Perforators and Scoring Devices offer a variety of configurations to meet processor needs.

"Top Only" configurations as well as "Top & Bottom" configurations can be specified for perforating and scoring. "Tip-To-Tip" and "Tip-To-Gap" configurations are also available. NuTEC also offers Perforators that maximize the thermal transfer characteristics of products. This provides processors with easier, more efficient freezing and/or cooking, while enhancing the finished shapes of products to give just the right "Look & Cook" customers require.

For more information on any of NuTEC's Food Formers, Portioning Depositors, and options, contact the company at 908 Garnet Court New Lenox, IL 60451 (815)722-2800