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December 2012

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OSI China: Blazing a trail

OSI Group celebrates 20 years of business in China, poised to expand its leadership position in the country, as the fast-growing nation demands more protein, as well as top-notch food-safety and supply-chain systems.
By Andy Hanacek
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In 1982, Sheldon Lavin, current chairman and CEO of OSI Group, embarked upon a trip to China to test the waters for possible business opportunities.
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Preventive Maintenance

Programmable worker safety?

Preventive maintenance software programs are identifying worker-safety issues and helping solve many of them.
By Megan Pellegrini
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Once a basic preventive-maintenance program is in place, tools such as software programs can certainly be used to increase its effectiveness and efficiency, but the onus still rests with management.
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Spare Parts Know How

A ‘part’-icular approach

How MRO and spare-parts inventory management deviates from standard inventory practices.
By Phillip Slater
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Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get your MRO and spare-parts inventory consistently under control while your other inventory types are well-managed?
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The year ahead: no regulatory surprises

By Dennis R. Johnson
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Regardless of your views on the recent election, maintaining the political status quo makes predicting next year’s changes in meat and poultry regulation easier.
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Farm to Plate

Be your own ‘undercover boss’

How blending in on the production floor can help managers understand their employees and operations better.
By Kurt Vogel
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Historically, the meat industry has been a place where hard work could result in upward movement within a company.
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Poultry Perspectives

Evolution of an industry and a trade show

By Charles Olentine
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The 2013 International Poultry Expo (IPE) is celebrating its 65th anniversary in a big way in Atlanta, January 29-31, 2013.
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Turning up the heat

By Shawn K. Stevens
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USDA recently announced that it is planning on requiring meat companies to begin placing additional safe-handling labeling on steaks that are mechanically or needle-tenderized.
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Reducing sodium in meat products

By Lynn Knipe
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There is currently a lot of interest in the food industry in reducing sodium in products, largely as the result of recommendations in 2010 by the Institute of Medicine for consumers to reduce sodium intake.
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Advance, but with care

Yield remains the key to cutting and deboning success.
By Elizabeth Fuhrman
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Companies that supply equipment for the cutting and deboning process are always trying to improve their automated lines and the sharpness of the blades they are using in their systems.
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Spray ’n’ wash

New antimicrobial dips and sprays are available to help poultry and beef processors fight pathogens.
By Megan Pellegrini
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Did tougher food-safety regulations lead to advances in antimicrobial applications over the last year?
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Meat Science Review

Ground beef shelf life

By Chance Brooks Ph.D. and Jennifer N. Martin
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The 2010 National Meat Case Study revealed that ground beef accounted for 12 percent of the linear feet in retail meat cases.
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