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Animal Handling & Welfare

Animal Handling and Welfare Podcast Logo Rod Brenneman, CEO of Butterball, discusses his company’s new Animal Care and Well-Being Program, his company’s certification by the American Humane Association and further animal-handling initiatives, all officially announced in September 2013.
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Packaging Podcast Logo Packaging experts examine the trends in protein packaging.



Barry Carpenter Exclusive interviews with industry experts.


Business Strategies

ARNOT BUSINESS STRATEGIES Experts discuss a wide spectrum of business strategies that can help your protein company improve and grow.


Food Safety

Food Safety Podcast Logo ProvisionerOnline.com gets expert insight, research and analysis on an array of issues regarding food safety.


Energy Management

Energy Management Podcast Logo Beau Griffey, account executive, U.S. Energy Services, brings a progressive mindset to the ever changing energy landscape and the renewable energy markets.
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Be Inspired Pork Logo The National Pork Board helps processors and packers improve their business in the pork segment through a variety of innovative tips and ideas.


The Global Marketplace

Global Market Place Erin Daley, manager of research and analysis for the U.S. Meat Export Federation, assesses trade and economic impact of market access and trade policy issues affecting red meat exports.
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Research Two Podcast Logo Researchers and analysts offer unique insight into industry trends through data and material from a wide variety of studies and surveys.
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Worker Safety

Worker Safety Podcast Logo Dr. Samuel Pardue, Head of Poultry Science Department, North Carolina State University, and Brian Rodgers, corporate director of safety and risk management, Butterball LLC, discuss an array of issues regarding food safety.
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Plant Design & Processing Efficiency

Plant Design Podcast Logo John E. Johnson, (currently with JBS) managing director of Epsilon Industries, provides perspective regarding management programs, engineering services, custom designing and manufacturing of equipment and processes.
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Labor Issues

Labor Issues Podcast Logo Jacob M. Monty, managing partner of Monty Partners LLP, addresses diversity issues affecting their employees and applies expertise in creating solutions for companies with large immigrant and Hispanic workforces.
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Co-Packing Podcast Logo Michael Quint, vice president and chief customer officer for West Liberty Foods, L.L.C., engages in conversation about co-packaging plans and strategies.
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Co-Packing Podcast Logo A group of experts dissect new regulations affecting the meat, poultry and seafood industry


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Brenneman analyzes Butterball’s new animal care, well-being program

Rod Brenneman, CEO of Butterball, discusses his company's new Animal Care and Well-Being Program, his company's certification by the American Humane Association and further animal-handling initiatives, all officially announced in September 2013.

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