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February 2014

Check out the February 2014 issue of The National Provisioner, featuring the 2014 Sausage Report, new consumer products, and much more!

The 2014 Sausage Report: Health vs. indulgence

Sausage sales remain steady due to increased consumer interest in healthy options and rich, flavorful varieties.
Sausage isn’t usually thought of as being trendy.
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Formulation Strategies

Appetizers and Side Dishes: A little bit sideways

Higher prices are holding back protein’s growth in appetizers and side dishes.
Chicken quesadillas, calamari or sliders are on almost any family restaurant’s appetizer menu.
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Fight for Food Safety

Giving tax incentives for testing

As government and industry strive to improve the safety of our food supply, not a day goes by when we don’t hear about more legislation, added regulation and new policy.
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Farm to Plate

Choose wisely when hiring animal handlers

Hire the right type of people for animal-handling jobs — and the right managers to lead them.
It is no secret that different people may react in vastly different ways to stressful situations.
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Regulations & Legislation

Guide to FSIS sampling for Shiga toxin-producing E. coli

With the FSIS’ expanded sampling program for Shiga toxin-producing E. coli on bench trim, a prudent establishment should review its procedures as well as FSIS’ for any STEC testing.
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Food Safety

Traceability goes beyond food safety

Dr. Dan Hale, Texas A&M, offers his insights on the latest trends driving the beef industry’s move to a more traceable system.
The National Provisioner sat down in January with Dr. Dan Hale, professor in Texas A&M University’s Department of Animal Science and with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, to discuss traceability and its slow introduction into the beef production system.
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Spare Parts Know-How

Why optimization software is not the solution

Optimization — the holy grail of management!
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Processing Tech

Managing freezing systems

Technological advances lead to improved operational strategies for processors who need to keep products as cold as ice.
Wintertime may seem to be an easy time to discuss freezing systems, but the challenges — such as energy management — and solutions to answer those trials are in the works all year long.
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Packaging Technology

MAP: performance vs. sustainability

Modified-atmosphere packaging continues to advance but is not quite at the point where it is both reliable and renewable.
For the most part, “biopolymer packaging materials” and terms such as “functional performance” and “good value” don’t occur in the same conversations within the meat industry.
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Protein Problem Solver

High-class packaging solutions for premium meat products

How Metzger Muller found added value in SEALPAC’s A6 traysealer and RE25 thermoformer.
In 1937, Marguerite and Michel Metzger opened their butcher shop in the village of Ittenheim, close to Strasbourg, in the northeast of France.
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Meat Science Review

Increased unsaturated fat can affect pork sausage and bologna quality

Approximately 20% of pork in the U.S. is consumed as sausage products.
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