Central Valley Meat Holding Co., a player in the beef processing sector, has entered an agreement to purchase the Cargill Meat Solutions beef processing facility in Fresno, Calif. This move marks a significant expansion in Central Valley Meat's operational capacity. This will strengthen their processing capabilities, enhancing their ability to meet market demands while reinforcing their commitment to supporting the cattle industry in California and the western region.

"Our decision to acquire the Cargill Meat Solutions beef processing facility in Fresno, California aligns with our long-term vision of strengthening our offerings to better serve the needs of our customers," said Brian Coelho, CEO and owner of Central Valley Meat. “We’re excited to work alongside cattle producers in the state and region to continue delivering quality beef products for our customers and consumers.”

Cargill’s team will have the opportunity to explore roles with Central Valley Meat. Both companies are committed to retaining as many employees as possible and retaining beef processing capacity for producers. Cargill will continue to operate its neighboring ground beef and hamburger patty facility in Fresno.

The additional capacity gained through acquiring the beef processing facility will enable Central Valley Meat to be more adaptable, ensuring that they remain agile in meeting evolving industry trends. By building on Cargill’s expertise and resources, they are positioned to enhance efficiencies and drive innovation across their entire supply chain.

Central Valley Meat remains committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, integrity and customer service. As they embark on this new chapter of growth and expansion, they are confident that their strengthened capabilities will further solidify their position as a trusted partner in the beef industry.

Source: Central Valley Meat Co.