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Farm to Plate

Look, but don’t touch: indicators of unconsciousness in stunned livestock

When it comes to electrically stunned animals, processors can observe a variety of indicators to determine unconsciousness but should avoid using the corneal reflex.
April 8, 2014
The corneal reflex has been one of the go-to indicators of unconsciousness in stunned livestock for decades.
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Independent Thoughts

The ethical omnivore

April 4, 2014
If almost 10 years of writing about the meat industry has done anything for me, it’s made me more immune to the common tactics used to turn people away from eating meat.
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Cordray's Corner

Allergens – friend or foe?

April 4, 2014
What is an allergen? Allergens are proteins that trigger an immune response by certain people.
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Guest Commentary

Animal welfare is about much more than animals

March 31, 2014
There was a time in our culture when many consumers were more connected to food and agriculture.
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Business Strategies

Where will the meat and poultry industry be in 10 years?

By the year 2024 ... The thoughts of an industry veteran on where the industry is headed over the next 10 years.
March 31, 2014
Have you ever wondered what the food business will be like in 10 years? I certainly have, and I've been giving it some thought.
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Industry Profile | Daren Williams, NCBA

Bringing out the beef industry's stories

March 5, 2014
If you don’t know who Daren Williams is, you don’t know everything about the meat industry.
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Poultry Perspectives

Taking an international view

March 4, 2014
Atlanta is known for its hospitality and its changeable weather.
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Farm to Plate

Choose wisely when hiring animal handlers

Hire the right type of people for animal-handling jobs — and the right managers to lead them.
February 6, 2014
It is no secret that different people may react in vastly different ways to stressful situations.
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A cow in the kitchen

February 5, 2014
When I was 7 or 8 years old, my favorite reading material included Ranger Rick magazines, comic books and some of my mom’s Hardy Boys books — pretty innocent stuff.
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Imagine a world without love

February 4, 2014
During a conversation with one of our suppliers of boneless beef last week I was asked whether we used “love” in any of our burgers.
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