There are many ways to determine the success of a business. Fiscal success is obviously the one that everybody looks at, with good reason. Without sales, your company won’t survive, no matter how good your products are.

But there are other guidelines to determine success – ones you set yourself. What is the one goal you want to reach this year? For some, it is related to sales, such as a specific dollar figure or a certain percent of growth. For others, it could be anything from completing a long-planned expansion project to releasing a new product line to acquiring a vital new piece of processing equipment. It could even be bringing the next generation to a certain level of responsibility so that you can transition to the next stage of your own career.

Your employees should have goals for personal success as well. Maybe they’re looking for a raise, or a promotion, or maybe they’re helping to spearhead a new initiative that’s important to them. They could be working to master a specific skill. As long as those goals help further the business along, then you as a manager should do what you can to help them on their own journey. An employee with goals and motivations is one who can help you move the company forward.

Our sister publication, The National Provisioner, is working on its annual Top 100/Greatest Gains Report. It’s one of my goals to see that it is a good snapshot of the overall health of the industry, inclusive of both the largest processors and the smallest businesses. If you’re not familiar with these two reports, the Top 100 Report lists the top meat & poultry companies by sales. The Greatest Gains Report, on the other hand, is more concerned with sales growth than overall sales. All processors are invited to submit information for the report. You can fill out the form online at, or email me for a Word document.

We appreciate every company who participates!

Sam Gazdziak