TOMRA Sorting Food is helping meat processors drive up food safety with its Nimbus meat sorting machine.

The Nimbus provides an ideal solution for sorting various meats including bacon bits, beef jerky and individually quick frozen (IQF) meat, which are often used in salads and other dishes or as food toppings by consumers.

TOMRA's Nimbus meat sorter complies with the specific requirements of the meat industry in relation to material handling and sanitation. It also detects and rejects foreign material, including bones, plastics, wood, aluminium, paper, metal pieces and burned pieces.

The machine uses a feed shaker, over which the product is spread uniformly, so a single layer progresses onto the free-fall chute. It then falls towards the inspection zone and is spread out by gravitation where it is then scanned by lasers.

Bjorn Thumas, director of market development food at TOMRA Sorting Solutions, says: “The Nimbus meat sorter is a modular sorting machine that uses free-fall, avoiding moving parts which is important regarding sanitary requirements. Sorting your meat with TOMRA’s Nimbus meat sorter guarantees food safety, and a high quality meat product virtually free of any foreign objects.”

The Nimbus meat sorter complies with the specific requirements of the meat industry in relation to material handling and sanitation.

“The sorting solution was inspired by the free-fall Nimbus sorter which already has a proven track record within the food industry. Our research and development (R&D) department has developed a special sanitary version to make it easy for cleaning which ensures there are no hidden parts which meat could stick to. The sorter also has an open frame design, including a special mount for optics, to prevent bacteria growth,” says Mr Thumas.

The Nimbus meat sorter is user-friendly and calibration-free, which according to Mr Thumas, is the ultimate proof of stability.

Mr Thumas continues: “Setting the correct sorting parameters is vital for an efficient sorting program. The Smart Sort module helps the operator setting parameters by analysing the incoming meat products. It automatically provides a program set up in a simple and timely manner. Subsequently, the operator can adjust the program, set by the Smart Sort module, to adapt the changing sorting criteria, if necessary.

“Advanced artificial intelligence makes the machine self-learning and defines good products and defects, resulting in a lower false reject rate and high efficiency. Through an intuitive touch screen user interface, the operator can easily create a new set of sorting parameters with the touch of a finger.”

By implementing the Smart Sort module, the sorting machine is used to its fullest capabilities. The processing line can be optimized, resulting in increased efficiency, yield and quality of the end meat product.

The system reaffirms the company’s position as a leading provider of cutting-edge technology and expertise within the meat industry.

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