Bunting Magnetics Co., the leader in moving, removing and holding metal, continues to deliver the best permanent magnet solutions with the introduction of its NUHI Cartridge Magnet. Completely redesigned from the ground up to address the processing challenges manufacturers face, the NUHI Cartridge Magnet – Neodymium Ultra High Intensity – is 18% stronger and delivers 50% more reach out than the company’s previous cartridge design. The result is higher holding values, a purer product and better plant efficiency.

“Faced with a tough work environment, more food safety regulations and consumer concerns for product safety, food, grain, powder and bulk solids processors are increasing their demands for maximum durability, safety and performance in their equipment,” said Rick Bigham, Magnetic Separation Product Manager, Bunting Magnetics. “Our new NUHI™ Cartridge Magnet is a combination of a stronger magnetic circuit, superior engineering and maximum durability to meet these exacting demands.”

“Nearly a year in development and after extensive engineering and testing, the NUHI™ Cartridge Magnet is easily the most well-designed, most powerful cartridge on the market,” Bigham described. “With a nearly 20% increase in strength and 50% more reach out than our previous cartridge as well as maximized surface gauss, smaller ferrous fines are easily and quickly captured, resulting in a protected brand, protected reputation, protected product and protected equipment.”

The NUHI cartridge is built of solid 316 Stainless Steel and is standard on the company’s magnetic separation products including its industry-leading HF Drawer Filters and Grate Magnets.

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