TOMRA’s new FatScan fat analyzer allows for the continuous analysis of meat to precisely determine its fat content. This functional and compact machine can be easily integrated in production lines and is specifically designed to assist smaller meat processors in delivering a consistent and uniform product.

TOMRA Sorting Food – part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions which specializes in sensor-based food sorting, peeling, and analyzing equipment – has launched the new TOMRA FatScan for the continuous analysis of the composition and standardization for meat products.

The TOMRA FatScan allows for chemical lean (CL) content, the valuable component of meat, to be accurately measured and shown to the customer. The analyzer's precise control is essential to ensure high levels of consistency and superior quality of the final product for the processor. The easy-to-use batch analysis offered by the TOMRA FatScan also allows for the control of raw materials. This technology delivers consistent quality and improves profitability through the optimized use of raw materials.

The new TOMRA FatScan can analyze fat content in meat trimmings, minced or diced meat, in both pork and beef. The fat analyzer makes use of TOMRA’s patented interactance spectroscopy utilising infrared light that penetrates deep into the meat. With the capacity to analyze seven tons of meat per hour, the system provides measurements in real time, removing the need for rework.

During its lifetime the TOMRA FatScan offers continuous precision, enabling TOMRA’s customers to generate, manage, export and integrate daily reports with ease. The system’s high capacity, ease-of-use and intuitive user interface, fast cleaning, low maintenance and reduced energy consumption are only a few examples of its many advantages. Its compact, open and light design allows for easy integration into an existing production line. Thanks to its reduced height and adjustable belt angle, it can be placed after any grinder or mincer. All the surfaces can be visually inspected, easily cleaned and disinfected with high pressure water cleaning.

The TOMRA FatScan has been developed specifically for small and medium sized meat processors. According to Thorsten Niermeyer, business unit manager process analytics, at TOMRA Sorting Food: "In the past, small and midsized meat processors were unable to invest in in-line fat analysis. Off-line analysis required additional time and labor, while being vulnerable to sampling errors and therefore proved to not always be a feasible option. The TOMRA FatScan allows small and mid-sized processors to utilize in-line fat analysis to control their process, products and suppliers. Precise measurement of fat content by the TOMRA FatScan is an excellent tool for quality improvement and a reduction in costs and time for these processors.

“TOMRA’s FatScan offers many other great advantages such as improved productivity, complete traceability, consistent product quality, fewer human errors and smarter purchasing of raw materials," concludes Thorsten.

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