Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc. announced the addition of a new industry professional to assist with PassTrac Analytics.

Courtney Bokenkroger joins the Passport team as a statistician, where she’ll be responsible for providing data analysis and creating customer value through the PassTrac Food Safety Analytics platform.

With more than 15 years of experience as a statistician, Bokenkroger has built a career working with companies in agriculture and food safety, translating data into knowledge for improved performance, increased return on investment and maximum safety and efficacy, guided by sound statistical principles and supported with data visualization tools. Bokenkroger completed her Doctoral Studies in Statistics at Iowa State University.

“Courtney has demonstrated excellent knowledge and expertise in data analytics, particularly within the meat protein and food safety market segments, making her a great addition to our team,” says Tom Nicholson, CEO, Passport Food Safety Solutions. “With her leadership and extensive experience, Courtney will play a key role in the growth of our PassTrac Analytics platform and will be instrumental in delivering value to our customers.”

PassTrac Analytics — Advanced Analytics Built for Food Safety

Passport offers the only advanced analytics system built specifically for food safety. Leveraging powerful artificial intelligence (AI), PassTrac Analytics provides specific, data-driven solutions to reduce food safety risk. PassTrac’s novel analytical capabilities, coupled with industry expertise, provide valuable insights to help our meat protein customers more effectively manage their food safety programs. 

Predictive analytics utilizes AI that powers automation to accurately identify potential high-risk situations long before they happen. Prescriptive analytics combines predictive modeling with food safety industry expertise to reveal the optimal actions to take to lower pathogen levels and reduce risk to the plant.

The only company of its kind, Passport Food Safety Solutions offers a novel food safety analytics platform; a broad product portfolio with the latest food safety innovations; and a unique system for evaluating and commercializing new technologies. Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa.

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