Industrial Packaging, a leading customized contract packaging, technical services provider, and packaging materials & machinery supplier for manufacturers and distributors of foods, consumer and industrial goods, has become the first packaging company in the world and the first U.S.-based company to achieve Pandemic Prepared Certification. This certification provides assurance for their food and beverage supply customers that their company is committed to establishing and maintaining industry-recognized best practices for supporting food safety, employee health and business continuity.

“To have a packaging company step up and make this commitment for their operation and employees, as well as the benefit of their food and beverage customers, is really exceptional. Even during the ongoing pandemic, certification provides assurance for their customers that Industrial Packaging is committed to bringing the highest standards of integrity to the global food and beverage supply chain,” said Steve Robert, Global Vice-President, Sales/Marketing and Product Innovation, AIB International. “Proactive leaders like Industrial Packaging understand that certification can be particularly impactful because they work with so many brands who depend on their packaging products. Because certification can help mitigate the impacts of the pandemic, those customers then know they can depend on Industrial Packaging to deliver, no matter the circumstances.”

When the pandemic hit, the leadership team at Industrial Packaging worked quickly to modify their plant and implement best practices to make sure their facility was a safe place to work. They changed the layout of employee areas, distributed masks, invested in a thermal scanner, installed Plexi-barriers, and hands-free doors, sinks, and sanitizers. They then communicated about these changes to their customers, contractors, suppliers, and employees. When they learned about the Pandemic Prepared Certification, they realized that they were already living the standard in many ways, but certification would be a great way to be audited against the standard and recognize their commitment to establishing and maintaining these best practices.

"Industrial Packaging has long been committed to providing innovative solutions for our customers, so when Pandemic Prepared Certification was presented as an opportunity to continue raising our standards of operation, we were excited about the challenge," said Ingrid Sweeney, Compliance Manager, Industrial Packaging. "We’re especially proud to be the first packaging company and the first U.S.-based company to be certified. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible service for our customers in distribution, candy, confectionary, and a variety of other food markets, and ultimately their consumers."

Launched in July, the Pandemic Prepared Certification was developed because the food and beverage supply chain were ill-prepared for a global pandemic and the associated disruption it created in nearly every aspect of business operation world-wide. Industrial Packaging successfully demonstrated proficiency in five distinct areas to become certified to the standard:

  1. Pandemic Crisis Management;
  2. Supply Chain Management;
  3. Intermittent Operations Planning Management;
  4. Health Crisis Mitigation Measures and Management; and,
  5. Pre-Requisite Program Review.

While the Pandemic Prepared Certification requires an investment, active risk management protocols and continuous refinement to remain Certified, Industrial Packaging is now recognized as bringing the highest standards of integrity to the global food and beverage supply chain. By successfully passing the audit, Industrial Packaging is also now able to use the AIB International Pandemic Prepared Certification mark. This mark of assurance demonstrates that they have successfully completed the certification, resulting in increased trust with key stakeholders in the “best in class” crisis management planning and protocols they have in place.

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