Certified Group and Food Safety Net Services (FSNS), a Certified Group Company, have  announced that Todd Shea has joined Certified Group as president, cosmetics and personal care division. Todd brings decades of executive leadership experience in sales, marketing, corporate strategy, and product innovation in the cosmetics and personal care industry that have led to over 500 product formulations and numerous prestigious product innovation awards. 

Prior to joining Certified Group, Todd held the role of senior vice president of innovation and client strategy at Cosmetic Group USA, where he was successful at managing the corporate direction for product development to ensure the best customer experience.

Previously, Todd led innovation and marketing at Aware Products and was instrumental in the successful transition of Aware Products, CEI, and VeePak to Voyant Beauty. During his time at Aware/Voyant, Todd developed and oversaw nearly 1,000 formulas and innovations and had a pivotal role in directing a complete solution approach in contract manufacturing.

“We are very excited about Todd leading our team of scientists to accelerate innovative ideas and market growth,” said John Bellinger, CEO of Certified Group and FSNS. “His contributions will be valuable as we scale and grow our personal care business.”

Todd holds a Master of Science, Pharmacology Cosmetic Sciences from the University of Cincinnati, and earned a Master of Business Administration from UCLA and a B.S. in Journalism/Advertising from University of Kansas.  

Source: Certified Group/FSNS