BK Giulini Corporation

Your source for specialty food phosphates
BK Giulini Corporation, is the North American marketing arm of BK Giulini GmbH, Germany, a leading phosphate producer, owned by ICL (Israel Chemicals Ltd.)
BK Giulini Corporation supplies a broad range of phosphates, phosphate specialties, and a number of organic and inorganic food ingredients, primarily for the food and related industries, assuring better looking, better tasting food products. Select food phosphates are used as emulsifiers, protein/fat stabilizers, acidulants, dispersants, antioxidants, buffers, sequestering agents, mineral supplements, and discoloration inhibitors.
Phosphates also extend the shelf life of numerous processed foods by reducing the thermal resistance of many organisms. BKGC specialty phosphates focus on these attributes. As a result, BKGC customers are able to realize unsurpassed flavor, color, and texture development, as well as more eye-appeal and better yield. Most importantly, BKGC agglomerates assure unusual solubility and make these phosphate specialties uniquely suitable for (seasoning) unit packs. The agglomerates are fully salt and cold water compatible, enabling the most intimate protein/ moisture bind possible.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists nearly all food phosphates as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) since phosphates provide an essential nutritional mineral constituent, phosphorus. Nearly one-third of the phosphorus in the human body is distributed throughout the muscle tissue. Actually, phosphorus is especially important to the brain, which consists of approximately 85-percent water and 15-percent phosphorized fats. So, when the brain commands movement, even the energy requirement is facilitated by phosphate.
BK Giulini Corporation also offers a wide range of unique agglomerates for meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, and related areas of processed food applications. Most of these products are supplied under the BRIFISOL®, JOHA® and BEKAPLUS® tradenames.
BK Giulini Corporation is well known and respected for providing friendly, knowledgeable, and comprehensive customer service. The staff of very experienced food processing technicians offers reliable advice on the most cost-effective application of all BKGC products. Conveniently located warehouses across North America ensure prompt and reliable supplies. NP
BK Giulini Corporation, phone (805) 581-1979 or customer service at (800) 526-2688, fax (805) 581-2139, or visit www.bkgiulinicorp.com