Monogram Food Solutions LLC has announced that it will add 100 new jobs to its Martinsville, Va., facility, as the result of new business. The Martinsville Bulletin reports that the company’s goal is to be fully staffed by the end of July 2013.

Monogram acquired the Martinsville manufacturing facility in September 2009. Since then Monogram has invested over $8 million into expansions and renovations to accommodate growth and upgrade the plant to a “best-in-class” food safety facility. An additional $1.2 million in capital improvements is scheduled to be spent in 2013.

Since taking ownership in 2009, Monogram has grown the facility from 135 team members to over 425 team members, with the most recent 100 new positions bringing the total employee count to more than 500 positions.

“We are proud of what we have achieved in Martinsville and recognize that without the dedicated, hard-working employees we have in Martinsville that none of this would have been possible,” said Karl Schledwitz, Monogram’s chairman and chief executive officer. “Because of the excellent work ethic of the people in the Martinsville area we plan to continue to invest in this facility and provide additional job growth and opportunity.”

Products made at the Martinsville plant include meat sticks, beef and chicken jerky, pickled sausage and egg products and kippered beef snacks.

Source: Martinsville Bulletin