Ross SlicerThe new Ross RS-10 Slicer is ideal for the high-volume production of uniform meat strips.

The Ross RS-10 slices whole muscle products quickly, easily and with the highest levels of precision. It slices whole muscle products down to uniform slices with consistent and accurate thicknesses. The results are amazing: high-quality cuts with no smear or kerf loss at speeds of up to 10,000 lbs./hour.

The RS-10 eliminates the need for pre-tempered product. It easily slices fresh product (32°F - 40°F) to a uniform thickness. Flexible tooling allows the slice thickness to be changed in just minutes. Its large infeed handles product up to 16" x 8" with any length, slicing large whole mucles with ease.

The compact RS-10 has a small footprint and features a simple, sanitary design. Built entirely of stainless steel, it uses only a fraction of the parts of other slicers. The cost-effective RS-10 boasts an ROI of less than six months.

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