Leftcoast Grassfed, a California producer of grass-fed cattle, is recalling all of its beef products produced in 2013, because some of the cattle were processed at Rancho Feeding Corp.  Rancho Feeding recently recalled more than 8 million pounds of meat after the FSIS determined that the company had “processed diseased and unsound animals and carried out these activities without the benefit or full benefit of federal inspection.” Rancho Feeding has since ceased operations.

In a note posted on its website, Leftcoast wrote the following:

“Out of an abundance of caution, LeftCoast GrassFed is recalling all its beef processed in 2013, in cooperation with the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's investigation into Rancho Feeding Corporation—the facility that processes many of our cattle—and their blanket recall of all meat processed by Rancho Feeding Corporation between January 1, 2013 and January 7, 2014. LeftCoast GrassFed contracted with Rancho to process cattle on a handful of days in the summer and fall of 2013. While we have been provided no evidence that our product has been compromised and there have been no reported illnesses from the consumption of our product, the safety and health of our customers is our utmost concern.

LeftCoast GrassFed sets the highest priority on guaranteeing that our cattle are raised and processed in the most socially aware, morally conscientious, sustainable grass-pasture environment possible to ensure the health of our cattle, customers and the planet. Our cattle and processes are certified by American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved.

We are in contact with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to better understand the situation and their decision to place a blanket recall on all of Rancho’s services provided in 2013 and 2014, and will cooperate with any federal investigation. While there have been no reported instances of illness or contamination relating to LeftCoast GrassFed products, our customers remain our utmost priority and we are therefore requesting that customers with product impacted by this recall return that product to us for a full refund. For more information on how to return product, please email info@leftcoastgrassfed.com.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and saddened by the waste of millions of pounds of meat, some of which, like ours, was raised with meticulous care and attention to the health and well-being of the animals that produced it. While we and our fellow small producers affected by the recall do not know the details of the USDA investigation, we are working hard to learn more, and are looking to the USDA for their leadership in this crisis to minimize the damage and find the most constructive path forward. We will share more details as we have them.”

Source: Leftcoast Grassfed