Volk Enterprises Cookd Right SensorThis fall, Volk Enterprises Inc., maker of the popular Pop Up Disposable Cooking Thermometer, introduces the Cook'd Right Sensor, to be distributed to retail and processing customers. Using patented thermochromic technology, the sensor takes the guesswork out of food safety and eliminates the need for bulky, expensive traditional thermometers.

As a food item approaches the appropriate internal cooking temperature, the user simply inserts the Cook'd Right Sensor into the thickest part of the meat and waits 5-10 seconds. A color change at the tip of the disposable Cook'd Right Sensor indicates when the meat, poultry or fish has reached a specific predetermined temperature, thus indicating doneness. Compatible with a variety of proteins, the sensor may be used with any cooking method, including frying, roasting, grilling or microwaving.

Unlike conventional food thermometers, the Cook'd Right Sensor will not lose calibration over time, and the consumer is freed of the responsibility of remembering which end point temperature is needed for various proteins. The Cook'd Right Sensor is available to butchers, grocery stores and processors, and may be packaged with meat, poultry or fish before being sold directly to consumers.

"The Cook'd Right Sensor is a valuable device for anyone in the meat packaging or selling industries," said Ed Gustafson, President at Volk Enterprises. "The sensor is a convenient tool that ensures consumers are cooking their food items to a safe temperature, increasing food safety and consumer satisfaction."

The Cook'd Right Sensor is available for:
- Chicken Breasts, Thighs, Wings and Drumsticks
- Beef or Turkey Patties
- Steaks
- Pork Chops
- Ground Meats
- Sausages

For more information about the Cook’d Right Sensor, please visit volkenterprises.com.