PolyConversions Inc. (PolyCo) prides itself on providing food processing and industrial/safety professionals with unsurpassed value and the highest quality products made only in America. PolyCo also cares about our environment. Approved for direct food contact according to the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations and the USDA, PolyCo’s VR Protective Wear solutions contain no toxic substances or plasticizers and can be safely recycled, land filled or incinerated with no harm to the environment.

Superior Product Advantage
PolyCo’s VR Protective Wear products are designed to be reused, recycled and to replace traditional protective wear made of PVC (vinyl) as well as other durable materials. VR (vinyl-replacement) vinyl-free protective apparel provides for 4-6 times the average life of similar PVC products, but is 100% recyclable. The material provides strength and puncture resistance as well as lighter weight protection. Free of vinyl and latex, VR has been clinically tested to offer resistance to fats, oils, and chemicals, especially acids such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, and hydrofluoric.

Booth # 7671
The 2015 PolyCo booth will be located at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta GA. Hall B Booth #7671. Be sure to make your way over and introduce yourself to the PolyCo representatives for your personal protection apparel questions. If you are unable to stop over, please feel free to contact the PolyCo offices at your convenience.  

PolyConversions Inc.: (217) 893-3330 or visit www.polycousa.com