The Checkweigher/Fortress Metal Detector combination systems feature Yamato’s precise load cell technology delivering great accuracy and high speed weighing. The integrated Fortress metal detector provides high sensitivity metal detection for all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel metal contaminants. The Yamato/Fortress Combo is mounted on a single frame for efficient space savings and is an easy-to-clean design.

The combination checkweigher/metal detector merges two top technologies necessary for safety compliance in all food industries. IP69 and IP67 fabrication models are also available. Conveyors and belts can be cleaned and removed without tools.

The large color touchscreen contains distinct graphics and an intuitive LED light system that allows for higher visibility, while reducing power consumption. Yamato/Fortress Combo includes easy setup and troubleshooting, with an easy to learn multi-product memory software for fast changeovers.

About Yamato Corporation

Yamato is a global leader for combination weighers, checkweighers, depositors and casepackers. Yamato offers solutions that cover a wide variety of markets and packaging applications. More than 100 models of combination weighers are available including mixing, blending, high speed and fragile handling, low-piece counts, high sanitation and multiple point discharges. Yamato’s Commercial division offers commercial weighing scales for delis, restaurants, food processing and other retail markets.