Applied Material Solutions is pleased to announce that the company has purchased Performance Process Inc. in Mundelein, Ill. and Nottingham Company, PPI’s chemicals division in Atlanta, Ga. The two companies join Trans-Chemco as divisions of Applied Material Solutions.

“We are thrilled to add these two leading companies under our umbrella,” says Tom Rebernak, president at Applied Material Solutions. “Expanding our line with the products developed by Performance Process Inc. and Nottingham Company allows us to offer a wider range of antifoaming products to our customers.”

With its custom formulated defoaming agents and 750,000 gallons of bulk storage, Performance Process Inc. has established itself as one of the top distributors for antifoaming and chemical products in the industry. Performance Process Inc. also provides tolling options for many diverse chemistries and products.

Nottingham Company produces treated silica at a new state-of-the-art facility for a wide range of markets, including: plastics, paints, inks, adhesives, cosmetics, foods, and more. In addition to providing chemical distribution and toll manufacturing, Nottingham Company also manufactures many types of defoamers for various industries and applications. Utilizing Performance Process Inc. and Nottingham Company’s existing advanced research and development process and production facilities, Applied Material Solutions will expand its offering of environmentally friendly formulas that are unique to the industry.

Applied Material Solutions has retained all management and employees at Performance Process Inc. and Nottingham Company in order to ensure that the quality of their products and service is preserved. All contacts, email addresses and phone numbers for support and orders will remain the same.

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