Kane Beef of Corpus Christi, Texas has announced a new company-wide initiative that aligns with its commitment to quality innovations and furthering corporate objectives. Quality is our Culture was recently launched at the company’s quarterly leadership summit and has since been embraced by all 725 associates of the company. Since Sam Kane established the company in 1949, the iconic Gulf Coast packer has served as the hub of the South Texas cattle industry for generations. Continuing its long standing history of working with Texas beef producers, the company forecasts substantial growth and expansion of Kane Beef to include increased domestic and global markets.

Kane Beef has always been committed to upholding core principles: partnership with our producers, animal welfare and handling, safety and well being of its workforce, and food safety, the company said. Furthering that commitment, recently the Kane Beef management team participated in a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) training course focusing on food safety. The on-site, one day course, was conducted by Don R. Morrow Jr. of Ranger Consulting LLC and certified 10 members of Kane’s production leadership in HACCP program management. The course is accredited and fulfills the USDA FSIS regulations. Don is an accredited lead instructor of HACCP Training Programs through the International HACCP Alliance and has certified over 3,000 production leaders in his 35 year career. The International HACCP Alliance was developed on March 25, 1994. Its sole purpose it to provide a uniform program to assure safer meat and poultry products industry wide. It is currently housed within the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, and its board of directors contain some of the industry’s most respected leaders in food safety.

Kane Beef has a history of innovation in the industry, pioneering a tenderization process to optimize product performance. Continuing that objective the company seeks food safety initiatives that provide the most wholesome and safest beef products available in the market. Quality is our Culture serves a consumer base that progressively seeks more information about its food supply and it’s production.

Source: Kane Beef