Patrick Bird, M.S. has been promoted to Microbiology Research and Development Laboratory Supervisor. Patrick’s previous role at Q Laboratories was Microbiology R&D Lab Project Leader. Patrick will coordinate the various projects and functions of the Microbiology R&D Laboratory, including leading studies for vendors seeking AOAC, AFNOR and MicroVal Certification.

Bryan Wirthwine,. has been named Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor at Q Laboratories, Inc. Bryan will oversee the everyday operation of the Chemistry Lab including analyst training and workflow. Bryan previously served as Analytical R&D Lab Supervisor for Q Laboratories, Inc.    

David Isfort. has been promoted to Microbiology Group Leader-Food at Q Laboratories, Inc. David will assist the Lab Supervisor in maintaining adequate analyst training and keeping clients apprised of sample status, as well as monitoring sample flow-through.    

Q Laboratories is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited, cGMP/GLP compliant, FDA Registered laboratory, providing microbiology and analytical chemistry laboratory services to companies around the world. Services include: Pathogen Screening, Indicator Organism Enumeration, Nutritional Analysis, Raw Material Qualification, State-of-the-art Microbial Identification, Challenge Studies and Shelf Life/Stability Testing.  Q Laboratories, Inc. can perform analyses on food & beverages, food & beverage flavorings and ingredients, pet food, and dietary supplements.