In January of 2017, MULTIVAC announced the acquisition of TVI, the market leader in protein portioning equipment, with strategic plans to enter the realm of protein portioning and slicing. Anuga FoodTec 2018 was the official launch of the processing division for MULTIVAC Germany. In preparation for full scale launch of TVI for the United States in early 2019, MULTIVAC US has hired Chris Mason as Sales Director for the newly formed Processing Division.

“MULTIVAC is known as the industry leader in packaging equipment with a tremendous level of experience and industry knowledge coming from over 115,000 packaging machines installed worldwide,” explains Matt Malott, CEO/President of MULTIVAC United States. “As we move into the processing side of the business, we searched for a seasoned professional that would help us provide that same level of industry experience in the portioning and slicing world. Consistent with MULTIVAC’s custom focused reputation, we knew our customers deserved nothing less.”

With more than 30 years of meat portioning and slicing experience, Chris Mason brings a high level of industry expertise to MULTIVAC. Most recently, Mason managed the TVI meat slicing program as part of his responsibilities at JBT Wolf-tec.

Originally from the U.K., Chris was involved in the early growth of case ready meats in that market before moving to the United States 16 years ago. In 2009, Mason led the introduction of TVI slicing equipment into the US market.  Since then, he has continuously helped guide the steady growth of TVI in the US.  Many companies acknowledge TVI for the high yield and excellent product quality their technology provides.

When asked about this opportunity, Mason replied “It is very exciting to get in on the ground floor with MULTIVAC Processing. MULTIVAC’s reputation for providing the industry’s best packaging solutions is very well known and I look forward to contributing toward MULTIVAC becoming the global leader in meat portioning and slicing, as well.”  

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Pat Hughes commented “We are extremely fortunate to find a Sales Director with this much TVI equipment experience. We have been looking forward to launching TVI in the United States and now with Chris on board, we are very confident we will not miss a step with our customers.

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