We R Food Safety!, the leading food safety consulting and software development team, announced today that its newest software offering, FSP-LITE, is available for sale online at www.fspol.com.  

“We are very excited to launch FSP-LITE in conjunction with the Iowa Meat Processors Convention being held in Ames,” says President Andrew Lorenz. He went on to say, “Small meat and poultry processors are under increasing pressure to maintain records, even the custom operators. FSP-LITE is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that is made specifically for them.  When added with our Food Safe Pro! L3 lineup of food industry specific software our portfolio covers the spectrum from the smallest to the largest users.”

FSP-LITE consists of both a Windows app that can be used on PCs and a web app that can be used from any device that has a connection to the internet.  It allows custom operators to fill out the forms they need and report against those forms when needed without creating all of the paperwork!  It also alleviates the concern of lost records, as the records are already backed up to the secure WRFS data warehouse.

To learn more about FSP-LITE please visit www.fspol.com!