Heat and Control’s Hayward, CA, factory recently delivered a complete high-volume taco line system capable of producing up to 30,000 taco shells an hour to a large international taco shell company. The food processor, a longtime customer, naturally looked to Heat and Control for the additional line due to the system’s enormous capacity, superior quality, and responsive customer support.

At the core, the system includes the Model S Sheeter, Model TO Tortilla Oven, and Taco Shell Fryer.

Model S Sheeter
The Model S Sheeter allows you to produce consistently uniform corn tortillas or tortilla chips without continual adjustment. Its twin cylindrical rollers produce a more uniform dough sheet, and pneumatic cylinders maintain precise stripping wire tension for longer service.

The Sheeter is self-powered with its own self-contained variable speed drives. The Model S Sheeter is available in capacities to 8000 dozen per hour of tortillas or 4500 pounds per hour of finished tortilla chips.

Model TO Tortilla Oven
The high capacity single-pass Tortilla Oven uses less fuel because the fully-insulated casing contains heat more efficiently, with the highest product-to-fuel ration in the industry.

A three-pass model is standard and can process 8000 dozen per hour of tortillas or 4500 pounds per hour of finished tortilla chips.

Model TF Taco Fryer
The Taco Fryer’s unique and patented method folds and fries tortillas into taco shells in one continuous motion, increasing production dramatically over intermittent motion fryers. The fryer consistently precisely folds tortillas to create even-sided taco shells, dramatically reducing rejects (e.g., “Js,” “longhorns”). Also, the very low oil volume in the system means faster oil turnover and reduced free fatty acid levels, giving you a more delicious, fresher taco shell with longer shelf life.

The Total System
The Taco-Form System is fully automatic and features rugged, all stainless steel construction. Automatic fryer loading system and finished product take-away are standard. The Taco-Form System delivers superior taco shells at high volume with lower rejects. The efficient modulating gas-fired burner systems lower operating costs, reduces downtime, and gives precise temperature control, resulting in uniform color and moisture in the finished product. A variety of external heat exchangers are available. Rigorous, round-the-clock, trouble-free production with low maintenance requirements.

Complete Systems
Heat and Control builds food processing and product handling equipment for the food industry, and it can also integrate complete lines and systems, including equipment for unloading, washing, storing, seasoning, coating, cooking, frying, roasting, conveying, weighing, inspecting, and packaging, all supported by post-sale service and technical support.

For more information visit www.heatandcontrol.com.