Blickle, the world leader in the design and manufacture of wheels and casters for a wide range of industries and applications, has released the 16th edition of its full line catalog. At a whopping 635 pages this full-color, hard cover book contains detailed product information and specifications on over 30,000 wheels, casters and accessories. 

Several new product additions are highlighted including a new synthetic caster series called FLOW, wheels featuring Vulcollan polyurethane treads, heavy-duty casters with over 66,000-pound load capacities and a complete line of leveling casters.

To allow users to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily, the catalog is organized into 18 color-coded sections. Each section includes a group photo showing the range of products included as well as a product overview chart that assists with product selection. Individual product descriptions include information on materials of construction, wheel diameter and width, load capacity, bearing type, axle bore, hub length, roll and swivel resistance, operating temperature ranges, color, configuration options and much more.

The Special Solutions section has been significantly expanded and includes a comprehensive overview of our most popular items for specialty applications as well as highlighting Blickle’s ability to collaborate with clients on custom innovations. Special solutions include brake systems, electric drive systems, heavy-duty casters, stainless steel/hygienic casters, AGV wheels, and many more.

The G16 catalog is available in English, Spanish and eight other languages. To obtain a copy visit