FPS Food Process Solutions was awarded the Gold Level OEM Certificate from Rockwell Automation, a significant recognition of partnership and collaboration.

Says Jodi Marr, OEM Account Manager, Rockwell Automation, “The entry into the Gold Level program is truly a milestone in our relationship and deserves recognition, as it is a representation of the collaboration, support and loyalty shared between our companies, and is a platform on which we can continue to build great success. This year marks a very important time in the history of FPS.  It represents ‘10 years’ of building a business, ‘10 years’ of growing success, and ‘10 years’ of fostering the FPS culture.”

Over the past several years, FPS and Rockwell Automation have developed a strong working relationship, solidifying a partnership and platform for success.  Says Jeffrey Chang, President, FPS Food Process Solutions Corp, “We consider all our partner relationships to be invaluable. Rockwell Automation has always been supportive, bringing in opportunities to work on client applications, developing new solutions and adopting new technologies. We appreciate the resources and support to ensure FPS can continue achieving our goals and providing premier solutions to the industry.”

As a participant in the Rockwell Automation Gold Level OEM program, FPS can provide customers access to a wide product range and synergies in system design. By streamlining the process, FPS can meet customer demand for a consistent system that eases integration, operation and maintenance.

For more information visit www.fpscorp.ca.