Carnivore Meat Company, manufacturer of popular raw pet food brands Vital Essentials, Vital Cat, and Nature’s Advantage, has announced the acquisition of its fourth facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Carnivore Meat Company continues to grow at a tremendous pace, outgrowing its current manufacturing footprint. The new building boasts 24,000 square feet of space that will be utilized for finished goods warehousing and will also feature twelve custom-built freeze-dryers. These additional freeze-dryers will increase production capacity by 50 percent and are expected to be fully operational by July 2022, bringing the company’s production facilities up to 35 total freeze-dryers to meet surging consumer demand.

Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier, nutritious freeze-dried pet foods, fueling the company’s exceptional three year growth rate of 141 percent. Pet parents have seen for themselves that simple, natural ingredients are highly beneficial for their pets’ health, leading to an increased demand in the United States and internationally for Carnivore Meat Company’s popular brands. In line with the core values and mission of Carnivore Meat Company to provide premium pet food, treats and snacks to any pet parent who wants or needs them, the company continues to invest in production capacity to meet the needs of pet parents all across the globe.

“This acquisition has been high on our radar for a number of years. Our commitment and belief in Carnivore's culture were primary drivers in making this a reality. We continuously challenge ourselves to find ways to say ‘YES’ and we ‘make the impossible...possible,’” states Lanny Viegut, CEO of Carnivore Meat Company. The determination and creativity that exemplifies the culture of Carnivore has been key to the overall success of the organization and is the force behind their bold and strategic decisions, such as the acquisition of this building.

This newest acquisition will allow the company to expand its operations and increase warehousing capacity to better serve its broad customer base, while offering new employment opportunities with Green Bay’s fastest growing pet food company. According to Brian Lakari, VP of manufacturing, Carnivore Meat Company’s workforce is projected to increase by 40 percent from the previous year leading to an immense impact on the local community and Wisconsin’s economy.

Source: Carnivore Meat Company